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  • Thank you. My Triumph Bonneville has been tucked away in the garage for a while and is up for sale as I have only ridden it twice since I became ill. My husband has taken it out but he has two motorcycles of his own. I find that I don't have the…

  • Sorry, I mean 2018, I'm ahead of myself there!! Chemo brain started already!

  • Hello,

    Thank you for your kind words. When I mentioned my bursts of anger to a nurse in the doctor's surgery, when she was taking blood before visiting the oncologist, she told me about the five stages of grief, which is what this is. It's …

  • I have only ridden my Triumph motorbike a few times in the past months, as I am still quite weak and can't do long rides at present.I fear I'm losing my confidence! I also have a Piaggio scooter I potter about the lanes on. I used to ride miles a…

  • Thank you. Lovely to read about your cats. Casper has a docile temperament, but his white fur does get everywhere! He loves being brushed and having his ears scratched. He's quite big, about six kilos, with the most brilliant blue eyes, (althoug…

  • Hello,
    Initially I was diagnosed with a neuroendocrine tumour, but after removal via the Whipple's Procedure, histology confirmed it was an adenocarcinoma. Yes, these things are difficult to diagnose, and I was still in a state of shock about i…
  • Hello,

    I started chemo at the beginning of February with the harsh Fulfirinox regime including pump, but after two sessions it was stopped by my oncologist, as I was getting really painful stomach aches that lasted several days. I then went…