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  • Hi Camelia Do you have a private email I could contact you on to chat? My case is now with the solicitor. kind Regards Lemmony x
  • Hi Julie I just wanted to thank you for your support over the last week. You have been amazing, I’m still struggling with all these related issues and emotions are up and down. I suppose this is supposed to be expected after coming off the HRT. I …
  • Thank you Julie for the advice x
  • My gynaecologist is seeing me in Jan to discuss options. I’m obviously very nervous about visiting my GP at the moment. With my periods been all over the place I’m just trying to find out where I am. Anxiety’s been an issue so I’m seeing a councill…
  • Hi no but a solicitors taken my case on x
  • Hi Julie I hope they do I don’t want another women having to go through what I’ve been through and thinking it’s normal. The doctors called me the morning after my smear. I missed the call, called them back no one new who had called me. Obviously I…
  • Thank you Julie for the reply. The nurse did look back through my notes to see which doctor had done this. She said they will have to have an internal enquiry into how this errors been made. I am seeking my own advice on the matter. We’ve already h…
  • Sorry for the typos I’m on my phone without my glasses x
  • Hi Julie thank you so much for the reply. I saw a gynaecologist on Friday. I had the camera in and a polyp removed. He said this was due to the high dose of estrogen I was on and which had courses the flood. mom very nervous of going to the doctors…