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  • https://community.livebetterwith.com/menopause/discussion/266/going-to-see-the-gp I've been saying this for a long time. It's a lottery when it comes to getting a supportive GP - seems to be "just your luck" to an extent, and whether that…
  • https://community.livebetterwith.com/menopause/discussion/comment/1644#Comment_1644 You are a 🌟 Warmed up my new patch the way you described, and it's much better! Thanks so much!
  • https://community.livebetterwith.com/menopause/discussion/comment/1597#Comment_1597 Hi Fatima! I'm glad it's not just me! 😊
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Awww! Happy Birthday to you!! ☺ 
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That's lovely Katie.  Have a brilliant time ☺ 
  • Hi Bobbie, Does it help you? What symptoms are you using it for? 😊 
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Thanks for replying to me. I’m glad it helps you get some sleep. Tea form? I didn’t know that existed! Is it like green tea? What strength do you use and where you get your CBD oil from? 😊 
    in CBD Oil Comment by KazKenn24 February 7
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Oh Sally.  Its always so hard when a relationship comes to an end. I can only imagine what you are going through and how you're feeling. There's nothing I can think of to say that will make you feel better.  I'm sorry that you're fe…
  • Hi Maryon, I'll be fifty this year. After 14 years of asking, I have finally been allowed to try HRT patches, and put the first one on yesterday. Previously I couldn't even get a GP to have a discussion about HRT because I get migraines, and I was s…
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Hi Caroline, It’s nice to have you with us. I’m sorry that you’re feeling so low. What’s really great is that you’ve recognised that you’re having trouble coping and you’re trying to get help.  I’ve had depression for nearly twenty …
  • Hi Looploo! And JuJu23! I am SO excited! Yesterday, after 14 (FOURTEEN!!!) years of horrible symptoms, including not being able to sleep, my GP has finally agreed to let me trial HRT patches. I was always told that I couldn’t have HRT because I get…
  • https://www.facebook.com/1700506176913718/posts/2009645985999734/ Finally getting some recognition in parliament. Not sure it changes anything much for menopausal ladies, but at least people are beginning to talk about it as an issue!
  • Hi JuJu23, Its no wonder we’re all confused. I get that we all reach menopause etc at different times, but last week I read a question from a lady whose periods had stopped for a year, then restarted, then stopped again. So is she menopausal? Or st…
  • Hi JuJu23. Nice to hear from you! If it’s a phase, it’s a blooming long phase! Been about ten years now! And the flushes and other symptoms - nearly 14 years.... I’m all phased out! 😂 
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Good Morning Frankee. Thanks for sharing! I guess I never really thought about it! And I feel awful saying that! I do remember how uncomfortable they were, but after hysterectomy, I haven’t had to have smears, so although I understa…
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Oh no! Cotton wool head - yeah! Armpit pain - no!  That’s annoying for you! Is it keeping you awake or interrupting your day to day activities? After five days, I guess I’d be inclined to run it past my GP, even if it’s just a telep…
  • Hi Mandy. I was a carer too, but out in the community. Hard work! Like you too - can cry at the drop of a hat! At the tv, things the kids say, things that happen during the day! Like a leaky tap I have no control over! Memory loss, not so much, exc…
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Oh Dizbag! Isn’t it horrible? I’ve been where you are - I used to look like I’d just got out of the shower a dozen times a day. I felt so self conscious. Thankfully it’s confined to the night time now, but I remember exactly how it …
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Hi Wendy, Just thought I’d check in and see how you’re feeling. It’s another few days on? Any improvement for you? It’s frustrating how long anti depressants take to work! Fingers crossed for good news ♥️ 
  • Hi Nicki, It’s very exciting to be able to pick your brains. So many questions, BUT, I’m going to go with just this... I’m unable to take HRT due to migraines, and I’ve pretty much been left to my own devices to find “something” that works for me. M…
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Hi Tracy.  Welcome to our forum, and for sharing your first post! I had the same as you - a hysterectomy, but leaving the ovaries behind. I was told that this was because I was so young (32) and was to stop me from going into an ear…
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Hi Status12. Welcome to the forum. Your description of how you are feeling is very familiar. Of course it’s possible that it may be due to menopause - you don’t say whether you are on HRT, or take supplements to help with the sympto…
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Hi BizzyLizzy. Welcome to our forum! It’s nice to have you with us. What a lot of symptoms you’re dealing with! I did laugh when you said you were “51 feeling like 151”. I can completely empathise with that! I think you are classed …
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Well Lilyboo3 - now you’ve discovered that you’re not on your own, and we understand just how you feel! That in itself, for me, was the biggest relief. Knowing that I wasn’t going crazy, and that other women were feeling the same wa…
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Hi Lilyboo3. Welcome to our forum. Thanks for being brave enough to share your experience. You are NOT alone! And you are definitely not going crazy! Lots of women experience similar symptoms during the menopause, and it can be comp…
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Hi Jayne. Happy New Year to you! Welcome to our forum. Great news about the hot flushes! From memory, I seem to remember that some bleeding can occur in the first 4-6 months of starting HRT, so I’m guessing that it’s nothing to worr…
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Dear Appleshaped It’s been a while since you posted, so I hope that HRT is kicking in for you and making things easier. There are lots of women who feel exactly like you. What side effects are you coping with? Is there someone at wo…
  • (Quote) Congratulations @Lobee! Happy Christmas!:)
  • (Quote) &#13;Hi DizziLady It’s great that your beautiful girls have such a great role model! Hopefully, the menopause won’t come as such a surprise to them in the future!  <3
  • (Quote) &#13;Hi @DizziLady I know exactly what you mean! A sense of humour goes a long way to getting you through, and a supportive, if confused, husband! It’s also really good to know there are other women doing the same daft things as me!  :)