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I started my chemo on 7th January and told my hair would start falling out 12 days after... How true and to the day this started happening.. Just few small clumps at first which got more and more. One night it got to me that much I couldn't sleep so I made a decision that it was going... The following day.. I waited until my hubby went out to work on our boat for the day and started preparing for my new hair do.. I put my music on full blast, video set, scissors and shaver at the ready and off I went.. I put my hair in about 6 ponytails and they were the first yo go.. Placing them in a sealed plastic bag.. My thoughts were I could make a false fringe for my hat if I wanted to in the future.. Then the shave commenced on number 4 then 3 and lastly my hedgehog cut on number 2. I can't tell you how soothing it felt and through a few tears or two I was feeling so much better. Then a big clean up to hide my evidence of what I did and waited for hubby to come home, with my hat on.. I had been wearing it on and off so he didn't suspect anything when he came home. I I sat him down with a cuppa and gave him my video and said I need you to watch something.. We had a very emotional moment together but he was so proud of me and couldn't believe I thought he would try and stop me.. I had to take control of this moment in my life, my decision and my way of getting rid.. I am so happy I did this and feel a sense of achievement and I can now move on to the next chapter in my cancer/chemo journey. My next chemo is Tuesday 28th.. I had a rough time with my first, 2 hospital admissions due to infection and then Neutropenia (0.2 very low neutrophils).. Severe bone pain due to additional filgrastim injections but I am fully fueled and ready for it next time.. xxx


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