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  • I wake up feeling dreadful like life is not worth living , but in reality I do want to live . I have major anxiety and low moods . I dont want to continue to live like this I dread the next morning. Has anyone experienced this. I am taking estrogen Troches . I have taken estrogen since the beginning of my journey for 1…
  • I am experiencing dreadful feelings in the Mornings like I do t want to live. But in reality I do want to live. Why do I feel like this in the Morning?
  • I am on 1mg and 1/2 patch for 6 months (no uterus) and ovaries and cervix left in. Since being on the patches there have been some improvement but not enough to where I am finding relief . This just started lately to where I am having low mood and heightened anxiety. My GP just took labs to see what my levels are. She also…
  • Hello ladies I have been depressed or more like low mood for about 1 week. I am on estrogen patches. I feel so lost and alone. Just really down and no reason to be. This is my worst symptom. Has anyone tried the MacaPause. I just want out this low mood.
  • Yes I was prescribe estradoil patches
  • My gyn was the one who prescribed me patches never testosterone.
  • Thank You Diane I will speak with my GP. My GP also just told me I have low thyroid and I am so afraid about what is going to happen to me. It’s awful for me right now.
  • Hello Ms.Bourne I am so distraught my GYN after 1 year actually sent me a letter stating that she could no longer service me. She gave me several different forms of Hormone therapy and did not do well with me and she would give me I correct information on doses and I would nicely mention this to her. I also would give her…
  • I am unable to get into the meeting it keeps stating this meeting is an Error code
  • Hello Diane Thanks for getting back to me in such a quick time. I have spoken to her and she does not have and answer , all we know is that my estrogen is going up by my last test on 1 patch. She is going to tell me to take the antidepressants. Usually when doctors don’t know the answer they push antidepressants I feel. I…
  • I am on patches 2mg 2 x a week for 5 months. I want to switch to the gel for convenience oppose to putting on 2 patches. I have no uterus so I don’t take progesterone plus progesterone never did anything to help me feel better. If the patch was helping me would I not feel better since it’s been 5 months? My doctors said o…
  • Hello Diane I am on the Patch 2 mg . I am wearing 2,patches and changing 2x a week for 5 months . I have no uterus and my estrogen was 27.12 and went up to 52 with the patch . I still don’t feel well mentally I have never had and depression prior to menopause and dealt with slight anxiety but never to this length before. I…
  • Hello Steven I have been in menopause since 2018 and suffer from anxiety and depression I have had slight anxiety in the past but never to this length and never any depression before until menopause. I may have 2 good days of feeling okay then a sadness comes over me the next days. The Morning makes me feel like I want to…