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Sorry thought I'd checked it all through it should read Feeling Good. Predictive text is a pain. Have a lovely day everyone


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  • This is from last year an "Angel Trumpet" Brugmansia I had 5 big plants that has to borough in for the winter then brought out in the summer they were a lot of hard work and high maintenance so I let them go to a lovely couple who run a local nursery with a big heated greenhouse for the winter. When I was diagnosed last…
  • Hi everyone have really enjoyed looking at all your lovely photos and beautiful gardens. I feel so much more positive now I'm getting over 6th chemo. Got myself in a bit of a dark place thinking about the operation I should have had on the 27th April. Had it all gone to plan I Would have been the other side of it all and…
  • Hi folks back at last from a dark place and again it's my garden that keeps me going. When the soil is bone dry and flowers are wilting you have to get your act together again and get going. Had my 6th chemo last week and didn't feel good at all. Yesterday felt fog lifting. Managed to sit on grass and weed round pond. Such…
  • Today it's pouring here. Yesterday I was going to take some garden photos to post here but in the afternoon I was not good so it didn't get done. I keep peeping out the window at the newly opened clematis that didn't get pruned this year and for the moment their holding up in the heavy rain. With a bit of luck they'll come…
  • I can't do much in my big garden at moment which I find very frustrating and I've gone through quite a few stages of anger and tears as my garden has kept me going for years through very difficult times and my garden has always been a constant way of giving me comfort beauty and satisfaction. During my on-going chemo I've…
  • Strength and determination to get through and beat cancer
  • Thanks so much for that. My head is driving me crackers today with the itching and tenderness. It get worse in evening, I've taken some paracetamol which usually seems to help a bit, but at moment nothing seems to help
  • Thank you for your tip. I got changed to cosmocol on Monday which has done the trick. As fast as I solve one problem another starts. Now I have a sore itchy eye which I think might be caused by an allergic reaction to my hair and eye lashes falling out. My hair was taken of very short earlier this week so very fine bits…
  • Can't believe the pain I suffered last night with my head and scalp. I'm just two weeks into my 1st chemo. I nearly cut my very short hair off in the middle of the night. Very lucky that my hairdresser fitted me in this morning and shaved off my hair. The pain and soreness is not so bad now and my hair is gone. I cried all…
  • Carboplatin & Paclitaxel are what I'm going to have in chemo cocktail. I've no idea how long this will take. Any tips or hints would be much appreciated as I have no info other than the oncologist telling me the nasty things that might happen
  • Thank you for such a lovely warm welcome. I had my blood test this morning at local GP surgery with the form details dictated over the phone to me from my cancer nurse.Spent quite a long time getting my appointment confirmed as I wasn't appearing on system with an appointment for Wednesday which suddenly appeared after we…