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My friend doesn't enjoy going out anymore?!

I'm looking for some advice as I'm worried about my friend, and I'm not sure if I should be worried or not. She was always the more outgoing of us both, never seemed to have a free evening and loved to make plans for trips etc. More recently though I'm noticing that she doesn't seem to be doing this anymore, staying in and not socialising at all which just seems so out of character. I want to check-in with her and find out if there is anything going on and how I can help but not sure the best way to do this? Should I be concerned? Any advice would be much appreciated!


  • Hi @L_F_D, thank you for this question. It does appear that there I has been a change in her behaviour. It can be helpful to check in with her. You can highlight what you have noticed, and ask if there is anything that she needs.

    It can be helpful to agree with her a check in time, and that way if she needs your support then she can reach out and update you. You can check in to see if she is meeting her basic needs, like eating , getting good sleep, and support her with anything around that. Asking first is the best step, and just listening to her.

    If you are worried about her safety or mental state you can encourage her to see her GP. If she does not want to talk, do let her know about Samaritans 116 123 this is 24/7 service where she can talk to someone confidentially about how she is feeling.

    Thanks for reaching out,

    Shanley Lewis

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