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Decreased energy...

I have been becoming more and more tired lately, as if I havent got any energy at all. I am sleeping, but throughout the day its becoming a struggle. Is this normal? I just feel like I dont want to go anywhere either, and I am looking for excuses not to even pop to the shop. I feel so low, but cant get any energy back. Any suggestions on what could help?


  • Blanka_CBlanka_C Posts: 406 Community Admin

    Hi Katherine, I'm so sorry to hear. I can totally relate, this is something I struggle with myself. I could sleep for 12 hours a day, I'd be still exhausted. I'm not an expert myself but I've been told by my doctor that fatigue can be the symptom of anxiety & stress indeed.

    I take magnesium and iron, they help a little. Perhaps a gentle exercise during the day would help? How about this:

    I can absolutely understand you not wanting to go anywhere, I feel the same, especially since working from home. I make sure to "force" myself to leave the house however, even if it's just for a 10-minute walk, usually in the morning or at lunch.

    Can I ask if you've talked to your doctor about the things your experiencing?

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