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Shanley LewisShanley Lewis Posts: 7

Learn to take a step back, find your calm and build a positive mindset; plus get to know a range of self-help techniques to help you feel a little more in control. Simply post your questions below and Shanley will be in touch with a personalised response within 72 hours.

About Shanley

Shanley Lewis is a Self-care Coach, Psychological Therapist and the Founder of Good to Me. She has been working with in the NHS with people experiencing a wide-range mental health difficulties and their families.

Shanley has been involved in research, looking at the experiences people with mental health problems face.

“From working as a mental health care professional, I myself reap the benefits of practicing good self-care. I encourage all my clients I work with to practice self-care. They mention how important and enjoyable self-care is in improving their mental wellbeing, and the difficulty of practicing when they are not feeling 100%".

Shanley's mission is to help people to learn the skill of self-care, as she believes this is a skill that many of us have not been taught.


  • Mary78Mary78 Posts: 30 ✭✭

    Hi Shanley, thank you for this opportunity, it's great to have a professional on board.

    My biggest problem is difficulty concentrating. It's the absolute worst at work. I'm currently working from home and my brain just gives up after a couple of hours. After lunch I simply cannot focus on anything properly really. It's almost like my brain thinks it isn't in work mode after an hour of lunch break? I don't know what to do. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  • Hi @Mary78,

    Thank you, glad to be here!. Its sounds really difficult, but I can help you with this. The difficulty you are experiencing with your focus and concentration when working from home especially, after lunch can be tough.

    Here are some things that will help:

    Have a light lunch and try to stay hydrated.

    Get some fresh air and keep your body moving after you have something to eat or anytime you get tired in the day.

    Practice some Mindfulness after lunch to help you to relax and bring your focus to the here and now. Mindfulness is great for improving your concentration. You can try the 54321 technique.


    5 things you can see

    4 things you can touch

    3 things you can hear

    2 things you can smell

    1 thing you can taste

    Work with your body. The 90/20 rule works here, this helps you to work with your body’s natural productivity levels. Every 90 minutes we are productive and then there is a dip at the end of the 90 minute cycle for 20 mins. In the 20 mins you can take a break and practice some self-care during this time. This helps you to take regular breaks, which also helps with focus. 

    Hope this helps @Mary78.

  • Hello Shanley. I was wondering if I could get your thoughts on therapy (CBT to be specific). I'm in week 3 of my 8-week CBT course. It's very interesting and I learnt a lot so far, however I don't think it's helping. Is it normal to have second thoughts? I feel a little guilty about thinking like this as the lady on the phone said there's currently months-long waitlist for CBT.

  • Hi there @flowergirl55,

    Yes I am very familiar with CBT. Is this course online, a group telephone or video?

    This can be very normal to have second thoughts. Once you have been introduced to some of the techniques and start using them it does take some time, for you to notice the difference.

    I can understand that you may feel guilty and uncomfortable about this.

    Some things you could do is:

    Call the service and express how you are feel about the course, and see if there is any other options available. Do not forget to brief mention your problem and your goals for therapy/ expectations.

    Continue with the course and practice techniques, when the course in finished discuss this with therapist.

    Let me know if that helps, or if you have further questions.

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