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  • It’s even worse now I am working from home. I have been told I am not needed to attend meetings via zoom which just amplifies my feelings of insecurity. I am starting to feel thick. I can’t concentrate working from home. I was supposed to apply for a degree course and I haven’t. I felt that I wouldn’t be able to do it so I…
  • Oh Monica it’s awful, not sure if it’s just because of how we feel at the moment, but it is very real isn’t it love xxx
  • I am glad I am not alone. On patches and had a coil fitted but I have no interest in anything. Struggling to keep up with workload and I have applied for a new job but I have not had the motivation to prepare for it. So tired too so just kicking myself up the bum to try and get through tomorrow’s interview and get ready…
  • Thanks Julie I am eating very plainly. I am looking for answers as I am having to go to a disciplinary for being off ill and my score on the Bradford scale has triggered a hearing. I am. Looking for information tom take to the meeting.
  • Hi there, I am so glad that you have found this forum. I thought I would never feel ok again, but take time for you. Don't rush recovery, I am still on phased return. The job that you do is very demanding so right now you are the priority. Take care x
  • Hi Kaz, thanks for getting back to me. I itched all over my body for the first day, but that has stopped. It's just the bleeding now. I am feeling better in other ways, less tired and the brain fog is easing. So I don't want to have to stop using these. I will hang on in there.
  • Thanks Kaz I don't know what I would have done without this community. I have learned so much. I know now I have been perimenopausal since my early 40s and it's a long time to think that you are nuts when you keep getting all of these random symptoms.
  • Hi, I am 47 years old and have been perimenopausal for the last 4 years. I only associated the hot flushes with it. I had been to the doctors but due to my age, they would not prescribe HRT, just herbal remedies and a change of diet. I reached my limit on the 30th January. I mentally and physically hit a brick wall. I left…
  • i have had the coil fitted and started evorel patches on Friday. I keep thinking about going back to work. I am signed ff until the 17th March and my doctor has told me to stay off work and then go back to get a note for phased return. To be honest I have not been good for a while and struggling with panic attacks,…
  • Hi all everything went to plan. I managed to use sachets to help with the uti and managed to get the coil fitted. It seems to be working well. Back tomorrow for the patch. Now starting to get ready for back to work.
  • Hi Kaz, thanks for the answer. It's the strangest thing but the pain isn't down there but higher up back and kidney area and I don't seem to passing fluid the same. I have got to have this coil fitted and start the patch or I am going to go mad! I have been using sachets to see if it would help. I will ring the doctors and…
  • Thanks Kaz 😌 I will start using my headspace app!
  • Hi Kaz, I am getting sick pay at the moment. They will not give me patches until I have had the coil fitted so I am not on anything yet.
  • Thank you Kaz, my doctor is very positive that this will help. I am due back at work on Wednesday, but talking to HR we are all a little concerned that I will just slip back down as I don't get the coil fitted until the 27th. Obviously I am worried about taking so long off work but I do think it would be for the best.…
  • Hi Appleshaped, I hope you are feeling better. I took time off as I couldn't cope. I have been off 2 and a half weeks and waiting to get the coil and patch. Role on 27th Feb!!!
  • i have had to take some time off from work. I am going through the menopause, periods stopped in October and nothing since. I have been peri menopausal for a couple of years and I have been trying different HRTs with no success due to migraine so I had not been on anything for a while. 2 and a half weeks ago, I snapped at…