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  • Hi Rob,

    So sorry to hear that your reactions to ADT made you consider stopping treatment. That's never a good move. When I was first prescribed ADT (Zoladex), I don't recall anybody going into detail about side effects. All that was said wa…

  • Hey Blanka

    I'm glad it helped you. I actually felt better after writing it, so we both got something out of it.Tomorrow is another day and hopefully, you will feel a lot better.

    Take care

    Rick x

  • Hi Rob,

    You are too kind. I am a miserable old so and so really. Just ask my wife!

    I like the idea of the exercise bands you mention. I am suffering quite badly with muscle pains at the moment - particularly in the shoulders groin an…

  • Hi Ali

    Big respect for the way you are handling your situation. Makes me feel a bit of a wimp. I note that ALL is comparatively rare, so, to get it on top of your original non hodgkins Lymphoma is a huge cross to bear. I hope that the Coron…

  • Hi Sue,

    So pleased anything I wrote has been of use to you, but sorry to hear you are still suffering badly from the after effects of your treatment. The neuropathy is a right so and so isn't it? But it should diminish with time. My last ch…

  • Hi Foxey,

    So glad to hear you are cancer free. However, what some people fail to grasp is that everything is not hunky dory just because you have finished treatment. They kind of expect you to be the person you were before you got cancer, a…

  • I suffered quite badly from acid discomfort for the first day or two after each chemo. I found that NEXIUM tablets helped a lot. They are non prescription. Hope this helps

    All the best



  • Hi Rieh,

    I, too, had problems with my Neutrophil Count. After my 2nd cycle of Docetaxel I got some sort of infection and ended up in hospital for 3 days with Neutropenic Sepsis. As a result, I was then put on FILGRASTIM which I had to self …

  • Hi Lou,

    You raise a lot of good points about the initial chemo planning meeting. The point I was making refers to the effects you get after chemo has finished. After the last cycle, friends and family think that is the end of it and that yo…

  • Hi Jackie.

    Sounds like you have a really great consultant who is doing his very best for you. I hope it all turns out well for you. In the meantime, I am going to lurch off for another glass.


  • Hi Tony,

    This is my first post as well. Not sure what drug you are on, but I had 6 cycles of DOCETAXEL at 3 weekly intervals starting in June 2019. If, like me, you go online to check out the side effects of the drugs you are taking, you wi…