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  • Hi @MonicaM, Just wanted to say a massive welcome to our Community - it's great to have you on board! Can't wait to chat to you around the forum. And yes, we'd love to hear the story of you and your husband one day. :) x
  • Hi @SusieG, I take Bioglan Glucosamine and I also heard from a friend of mine that Devils Claw is fab. Do you have other symptoms too? A visit to your GP might worth it, given that nothing seems to help much? x
  • Hi @Daphne29, I've been taking Maca Root for two weeks now and the difference is impressive!! My libido increased a lot and have a much higher energy level too. Maca however stimulates the production of oestrogen so you should definitely check with your doctor first. x
  • Hi @Stacey12, I read somewhere that sea buckthorn oil might help and also ginger too.
  • Hi @Jayjoe, a friend of mine uses fish oil for brain fog and she said it's great. I also get really tired, sometimes without a reason and iron works well for me so far (started only couple weeks ago).
  • @Thisisme @Pepster2022 @Denaskham Hi ladies, how are you holding up? I'm still struggling to come off antidepressants and I think I have the winter blues...I find it harder to get up than usual. Feeling so anxious in the mornings. I know it'll be better when the sun's out though. Also I think things have actually got a…
  • Hi Ladies @Pepster2022 @Denaskham, Good to know I'm not alone with low mood etc. I've tried St John's Wort before anti-depressants and it helped me lots. Although it's not safe to take it along with anti-depressants I've been told so might not be an option for you @Denaskham . I also started looking after my body recently,…
  • Hi @Thisisme, I'm on anti-depressants too, have been on citalopram for 9 months now. Initially I found it difficult, felt more anxious than before, but it took only 2 weeks and was told it's normal as your body needs to get used to it. It really did help me with anxiety and mood swings after all, but I started to have very…