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  • Thankyou I went back they have swapped my get again they said I shouldn't of been left on patches now that I havnt had a period for nearly 18months so now I'm on tablet form evorel conti been on them 6 days I'm just hoping if every thing settles I can get gold of the pills and no shortage again.. Thankyou for the…
    in Moods Comment by Tc67 January 2020
  • I really would love to try something like citolpram but I have had tinitus for the last 5 years and I'm frightened that it will make tinitus worse, but I do feel with menopause and tinnitus I'm going through hell.. I have constant hissing in my ears I never ever can relax because of the noise in my head.. and I know…
    in Moods Comment by Tc67 January 2020
  • Thankyou will do xx
    in Moods Comment by Tc67 December 2019
  • I've been stressing over Christmas thinking how can I get through this but like you say I'm just going to take it day by day and I know it sounds selfish but do what I want to do not running around after everyone else.. selfcare is my motto this year. Have a lovely Christmas x
    in Christmas Comment by Tc67 December 2019
  • Hi Julie Thankyou for your reply that's exactly how I am feeling with my moods.. very up and down and like you say I feel so angry .. I had to leave work over how I was feeling I got no support from the two male bosses,it was either leave or kill someone.. I will definatley go back to the doctors. Thankyou again x
    in Moods Comment by Tc67 December 2019