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  • hi Kaz - thank you again - you are a very empathetic lady - I will let u know how I get on - I had been using topical cream for about 3 months and I think it was a build up in my system and I was only having side effects later on - as some of the i…
  • hi Kaz - you are so helpful as ever!!!!!we need more people like u - I have an appointment with my GP on Tuesday and I will check out that book - I was using topical oestrogen cream but started to suffer from severe nausea and headaches so stopped …
  • Hi Kaz thank you so much for your advice - it is much appreciated and I will definitely follow it up xx
  • Hi everyone - I have urogenital atrophy but not like any one else I’ve come across - I’m 59 years. And didn’t have irregular periods until I was 52 and now post menopausal I feel as if I don’t know my body anymore as despite having all the tests to …
  • Hi Kaz - thank you so much for the info u provided xx
  • Hi Kaz - good to hear from you - atrophy isn’t talked about very much and it should be- I read everything I could about it - I never realised what the menopause could do to yr body and the retreat of oestrogen - I lose blood as a result - but less a…
  • Hi I'm a newbie and menopause sucks but we are all in it together - I suffer with uro-genito atrophy and it has distressing effects but my GP says its normal for me xxx
  • Hi there- unfortunately I am post menopausal and have developed urinary- Genito atrophy due to low oestrogen levels - I have been prescribed an oestrogen cream to use once a week and there has been a little improvement but symptoms have not gone awa…