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  • Hi blanka Thank you for the info i do already use the plantur shampoo but my feels dry. I might go for a head massage. Thank you Karen x
    in Hair Comment by Kazza123 October 2019
  • Amazing!!!! Letter to the doctor wow!!!! Thats exactly how i feel. Thank you😍
  • Thank you kaz I feel like im never going to feel better. I started a new job beginning september was there for 2 weeks been signed off since my back is so painful struggling to getting around not sure what will happen there. Thank you for your message i feel doctors dont know anything about menopause and feel like im on my…
  • It sure is i hate it feel so crap all the time and unsure whether to take HRT or not. Thank you Karen
  • Hi kaz Yea i have had vagina scan a few months ago as i had discharge all was ok but since taking vagifem i seem to have this.i am going back to docs on monday see what she says I have the book already Thank you Karen
  • Hi i suffer with really bad pain in my back, hips , legs and feet its awful some days they feel like lead weights and can hardly move them feel like i could cry as so painful anybody got any tips Thank you
  • Lanie Dont be silly you didnt all the advice is great anf some similar to what ive got. Take care karenx
    in Rectum Comment by Kazza123 June 2019
  • Thank you so much for your advice becks i do actually feel like im going crazy with all whats going on with all these changes to my body and actually struggling a bit with it trying to adjust im just trying to stay calm and breath lol. Shall i get the tablet form of magnesium to see if that helps? Thank you karen
    in Rectum Comment by Kazza123 June 2019
  • Hi becks I am using ovestin hrt cream. Which one of those moisterisers would be better for me the Silk or Yes VM. Is it safe to use either one of them too. Thanks karen
    in Rectum Comment by Kazza123 June 2019
  • Hi Becks Thanks for your comments. I have been using ovestin cream been using that for last 2 months i have no periods. My bowels havent changed thay are still the same. It feels like a sore achy gnawing feeling which can be there for days then will just go then return again its a weird thing . I seem to have a digestive…
    in Rectum Comment by Kazza123 June 2019
  • Hi kaz Great thank you. Yes i feel like im just fobbed off by the doctors i have all these symptoms which are horrible and feel like they over take my life at the moment. I will buy that book thank you x
    in Rectum Comment by Kazza123 June 2019
  • Oh i had all that when i went to hospital with abdominal pains and a bit of a bleed i use overstin cream for vaginal dryness i thought it might have been side affects of that. When i see gyno lady up hospital i had green discharge aswell and they tested me for all sexual diseases i thought wtf is that all about they all…
    in Rectum Comment by Kazza123 June 2019
  • Hi Lanie Thank you for your comments. I have googled that but i have similar symptons. What i think i have which i found on google was levator ani syndrome which seems to be exactly whats going on with me its says a bearing down gnawing sensation which can last hours and days which is whats happening to me which having…
    in Rectum Comment by Kazza123 June 2019