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  • (Quote) Hi @DianePorterfield-Bourne I actually don't like zoom. We only see children and its really hard to get them to keep still and concentrate for long to do an assessment. But it's something we are having to get used to like you say it's going …
  • (Quote) Hi @DianePorterfield-Bourne. Myself and my partner have flourished during the lock down. More in love now than ever. We are more than happy to be confined in a space together and do nothing together. Guess I am just very lucky to have someo…
  • (Quote) Hi @DianePorterfield-Bourne it has totally changed. Luckily I'm a paediatric nurse already working in the community so we have been doing lots of zoom calls but it's just not the same as face to face contact. I have my list of questions at …
  • Hi @Roobee45 how are you now? Have you started taking anything else now the propranolol is out of your system? It's so hard to get anything at the moment while all gp surgeries etc are closed so I hope you haven't been left suffering x
    in What next? Comment by Julie20 June 29
  • (Quote) Hi @amcd71 nothing worse than migraine so I feel your pain. Its unconventional but the daith ear piercing has been proven to work in stopping migraine. If you like piercings it may be worth getting it done once the lock down is over and tatt…
  • Hi @Roobee45 it's good that you've taken them previously as you already know if they work for you. Speak to your GP again as life is too short for us to go through it feeling like rubbish. Good luck luv x
    in What next? Comment by Julie20 June 11
  • (Link) Hi @Midgley20 how long do the periods last? Although irregular bleeding is very common, excessive bleeding can become very tiresome and cause anaemia, it can also be a sign of fibroids which are also very common. Have you been offered anythi…
  • Hi @Roobee45 did the Dr offer an alternative to propranolol? Citalopram is very good for menopause related symptoms and anxiety. It may be worth giving those a try. Life is too short to suffer this with no support so if you haven't been offered any…
    in What next? Comment by Julie20 June 9
  • Hi ladies. Welcome to this amazing forum. As blanka has mentioned hair loss is common during menopause. A lot of ladies cut their hair short at this time due to this but not everybody wants short hair so it a hard one. I find that natural products …
    in Hair loss Comment by Julie20 June 3
  • (Quote) Hi @scotzbabe I'm sorry you have had to go through this. Unfortunately after cancer there are a lot of meds even herbal that you can't take. Have you spoke to your GP about upping the meds you are on? It can take a long time to get the dosag…
  • Hi @DianePorterfield-Bourne that's a really interesting read. Thank you. Could you take a look at the post from @jules30 and see if you could give her any advice please. Thank you x
  • (Quote) Hi @JessinCa sorry to hear you are going through this. I also had bleeding like you are experiencing. I bled for 6 weeks and had an external and internal scan and found I had fibroids. I had the mirena coil put in. I bled for another 5 weeks…
  • (Quote) Hi @Roobee45 we use propranolol at work to treat children that have had or need cardiac surgery and it can alter your blood pressure so we have to check it on a weekly basis. Has your GP mentioned this to you at all? X
    in Propranolol Comment by Julie20 May 24
  • (Quote) Hi @Revmidd. I'm just checking on how you are? I haven't forgotten about you but I'm still trying to gain some information for you. Stay strong you will get through this x
  • (Quote) Hi @Lemony I understand that you don't like to take tablets daily but it could be they are not working because you are not taking them on a regular basis. It can take up to 6 weeks for meds to work so really need to be taken daily to get the…
    in Propranolol Comment by Julie20 May 24
  • (Quote) Hi @Catina no your body isn't OK with low oestrogen. It can make you feel really unwell. Mine was very low and I became very moody and tearful. You need to ask your GP for oestrogel. Its a gel that you put on your arms or thighs and within …
    in Help Comment by Julie20 May 20
  • (Quote) Hi @Revmidd I'm not ignoring you I just need to have a think about this one as you are not being treated fairly or legally. Would you mind if I spoke to my boss at work and see what she says on legalities of it. Obviously I won't mention na…
  • (Quote) Hi @Whitedaisy I have found my osteoarthritis has got a lot worse since menopause. I only have it down one side though. Shoulder. Elbow. Hip. Fingers and ankle all on my right side. A lot of ladies experience painful joints during this time …
  • (Quote) Hi @Revmidd. I'm. So sorry you are going through this alone and feel that you aren't getting the support you need at work. Can I firstly ask what sort of job you do? Was it the union that told you its not their fault you are going through me…
  • (Quote) Hi @Korina thank you for reaching out. It does sound like you may be perimenopausal. This can start quite early and go on for years before you become menopausal. You have a lot of the symptoms and until you know what it is you do feel like y…
  • (Quote) Hi @Blanka_C do you use Epsom salts in your bath. They work well for painful joints x
    in Restless legs Comment by Julie20 May 7
  • (Quote) Hi @JulesL. I also suffer with lower back pain and pain in my hips too. Not sure ifs it's menopause related as I also suffer with osteoarthritis so have always just assumed it's that. I take magnesium with b12 tablets and they do help sligh…
    in Back Ache Comment by Julie20 April 30
  • (Quote) Hi @Daly . Welcome to this lovely forum and welcome to Menopause. We are here all the time for help, advice and a listening ear if you need one :) Stay safe x
    in Hi I am New Comment by Julie20 April 19
  • (Quote) Hi @MrsG I've not personally Heard of it but unless you are unwell or losing a large amount of weight then it probably isn't a worry though if you are concerned then may be speak to a pharmacist as they would be able to advise you. Are you …
  • (Quote) You are more than welcome x
    in Struggling Comment by Julie20 April 13
  • What sort of books do you like @MonicaM .
    in Books Comment by Julie20 April 8
  • I'm good thank you ladies. Back to work today. Bit breathless but been given the all clear x
    in Keep safe Comment by Julie20 April 8
  • (Quote) Hi @Graceland unfortunately this is quite common. You are still quite young to be fully through the Menopause so yes it does happen. Are you taking HRT of any kind ? X
  • (Quote) Thank you @Junie . X
    in Keep safe Comment by Julie20 April 2
  • I'm now in isolation with all the symptoms.. stay safe everyone x
    in Keep safe Comment by Julie20 April 2