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  • Good morning advice on breathing exercises when awake at night would be really useful! X
  • Good morning do you have any recipes for natural menopause control as I’m avoiding HRT (in surgical menopause) particularly recipes with tofu/tempeh as it’s too bland! Also any soya milk uses? X
  • Mmm well ...my consultant told me that “I would wake up in the menopause” after my surgey - I had ovaries removed - so no hormones - if you have womb removed but ovaries intact you still have hormones - but your right - very confusing! 
  • Blimey Kaz - thats a long time! Try the smelly thing - if nothting else it’s a nice smell! Let me know how you get on x
  • 😂 support at work....yeh right!!!! 
  • Sorry 😐 ...Late reply here as not been on the forum ...I keep forgetting mainly! Another symptom of menopause and lack of sleep! Sounds like your doing everything you can ...it’s hopefully a phase that may pass - I find nice smells help a lot - try aromatherapy oils - lavender clary sage rose geranium - lush also do a…
  • Hi both as I’ve mrntioned on another couple of discussions I think eating regularly helps a bit keeping blood sugars regular and keep caffeine out if possible it helps I think - try lemon balm tea or tulsi tea instead ... aromatherapy oils may help relaxation - rose lavender clary sage geranium to name a few - I have a…
  • Hi - As I understand it your only IN the menopause when you’ve not had a period for 1 year - you can be peri -menopausal up to ten years prior to that .. symptoms of menopause but still with periods - regular or irregular 
  • Hi bringiton i had cysts ..headaches most days and pain pain pain... ovaries removed and pain free ..occasional headache but rare .. menopuse symtoms yes but I had those prior to surgey also ... best of luck 
  • Favole, same as you - I visited a nutritionist- eat every 3 hours if you can, NO sugar if you can! No caffeine will help, and lots of veg n fruit - omega 3’s and soya as a protein source ... I use organic natural face cream generally and recently found A S apothecary (online but flagship store in East Sussex) lovely…
  • Lourdes you are certainly beautiful just as you are ... body image insecurity most definitely affects all my girlfriends in one way or another - we laugh about it and console each other when miserable ... You are most definitely lovable and gorgeous to somebody who might feel just as worried about there “imperfections” as…
  • Hello Nicki and everyone.. Like many others here it’s IMSOMNIA that’s the worst - which has a knock on affect on all aspects of life ...anxiety, self esteem ,motivation, and of course tiredness! 😓 it’s so debilitating and trying to cope at work is exhausting ... Ju 
  • Hi Kaz - yup daft ! I’m certain they lay under my bed just waiting for me to get settled then it’s ‘right boys time to start chattering’ ! 
  • Hi Kaz i definitely think mindfulness and breathing might be the way to go - when my mind races the breathing helps and just trying to think of the quiet, dark, comfort etc and then remind myself I can’t do anything about the thoughts racing until the morning - by the time that arrives I’ve forgotten about them! (And…
  • Try to eat every 3 hours to keep blood sugars stable it helps with fatigue mood and stops you reaching for sugary snacks! 
  • Oh dear...I was about 3 times - breathing exercise most definitely helped 😃 Ju 
  • Hi - Will have a read of that myself thanks ...only tried an oil called Swoon from boots - smells divine anyway ! 
  • Ah thanks so much - I’ve seen a book on this website with breathing exercises so might get that - actually I’ve tried yoga and the breathing is useful so will give it a go ...🤗
  • Hi lack of sleep at night affects me during the day - after recent surgical menopause I saw a nutritionist who suggested eating something (healthy ..not sugar!) every 3 hours to regulate blood sugars - I don’t always manage that or remember but when I do it helps ...
  • Hi I saw a nutritionist after surgical menopause who suggested omega 3’s rather than omega 7 - it might be worth looking closer into that ...