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Good morning everyone,( a special hi to Louise J for having the fortitude to carry on reading the life and times of a complete idiot!) well whats been happening in the chaotic world of Rob59, iv'e obviously had the epiphany of all time as my friend Alison (masquerading as a Kirk of Scotland minister) cane around again to drink my coffee and eat all my cakes; she openly admits that it's only the coffee she likes.I am desperately trying to lure er into playing keys and doing some vocals for us,(next time i'm golng to spike the coffee).The idea of her weekly visit is to chat ,music ,what we did @ uni' and a sort of serious conversation ;oh the best laid plans; ie within seconds it degenerates into an incoherent blether about fairies;elves,gnomesetc and that's before we hit the wine!!!!!Alison makes Geraldine Granger look a positive fire and brimstone preacher ; enough said.Next week she wants to here all about my exploits with sailing dingies and motor bikes;it is at this point that i should say that at no time did i try riding a 'bike deliberately on the water ,it just happened; a story for another day ;and the one where i rode one up a tree ;that one can also keep,ah the innocence of youth (and the stupidity). So for once my chaotic lifestyle has been relatively quiet ;no doubt i'll make up for it over the next few weeks;it really worries me when my life appears normal ,i just don't do normal,never have done!!! So to all of you out there keep yourselves healthy and happy,i'll try to bring further exploits of the Rob59 madhouse,surely sanity cannot prevail for so long, cheers for now ,Rob59 xx


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