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  • Rob59

    Hi Lizzb73,

    Iam Rob59 I think you have read some of my posts before,this time rather than making observations i really need to ask some questions as i am satisfied with the information i have received,here goes.

    I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in March this year,i was also told that i had bone cancer,the prognosis i was given was approx six to eight months to live,i did not believe it.

    Since then all i have received are very negative vibes and unhelpful conflicting information.As you are probably aware my wife died earlier this year,so i am totally apprehensive of the info i receive.

    I have been given the odd blood transfusion and some basic medication but NO concrete life expectancy plan.I feel fine apart from recovering from a hip replacement ,i know its a daft question but do you have any advice at all,I have so much i still want to achieve and i want to know how much time i have left.I feel like it could be years but the "health proffessionals "seem to be so negative:have you any sensible advice?

    Thanks Rob59

    August 15
    • LizzyB73
      Hi Rob59

      Thank you for getting in touch. Know we have touched base before and am in awe of your previous positive posts despite such massive adversity.

      You speak of negative vibes and conflicting information from your healthcare providers which I can understand are not helpful for you.
      I am so glad you feel fine at the moment apart from your recovery from a hip replacement, which in itself is a fairly substantial op.

      I am wondering what basic medication you have been given - as this will aid my response to make it relevant to what you are taking at the present time?

      I understand you are in a place where you need answers about prognosis but it’s not always an easy one to answer. The medical profession cannot give any of us a life expectancy plan but hopefully can offer some helpful advice as to what to expect over the coming months.
      I hope you have been linked in with a palliative care nurse / team who may well be able to spend time discussing these unanswered questions for you. If not, perhaps ask to be linked in with those staff who are experienced at dealing with those in a situation such as yours.

      I send you my best this evening

      Liz 🌻
    • Rob59
      Hi Lizzy,the meds i am on are:Creon25000 capsules:Folic acid 5g:One-Alpha 0.5 micro g:Thiamine 50mg:Calcium/Colecalciferpl 2000mg:Alendronic Acid 70mg.
      I appreciate that no person can give a definitive time(19:00 on 27 Nov 2020) but at least they could give me a ball park figure;they seem to delight in treating me as an eight year old,whom is both deaf and blind.
      I am sort of in touch with a Macmillan nurse who unfortunately seems to be ill or on holiday.
      I find it very difficult to get down;but at the moment i am pretty fed up:thank heavens for my guitars,without them i think i would go insane.
      Your observations/input at the mo"would be highly valued:thank you as always,
      Take care Rob.
    • LizzyB73
      Hi Rob

      I feel sad that you don’t appear to be getting the support from your medical team. I was encouraged to note you were not on a stash of painkillers which in itself is encouraging. As you say otherwise on all regular stuff......

      Glad you still find the guitar playing so therapeutic - music has always been in my life and I find it incredibly calming.

      When you say sort of in touch with a Macmillan nurse - they usually have a team of them so if one is off someone else can pick up the call. I guess my advice is keep trying with this one.

      Without knowing your diagnosis etc and all the facts I don’t feel able to offer much more to help you as each individual is just that.

      Bone secondaries from prostate cancer can go on for ages but also depends on where else the disease has spread to etc.
      I know that is not very useful for which I apologise but not being in view of the facts makes it a tricky one to call.

      Just so you know I am thinking of you and if there is anything more specific I can help with please get back in touch

      Take care

      Liz 🌻