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  • SarahMumoftwoSarahMumoftwo Posts: 2

    Hi! Can Maca life affect my cycle? Since taking it around the second week of April I am bleeding every 14 days rather than every 28! I bought for help with peri menopause symptoms of low libido/dryness which already this is helping but the increase in menstruation is unwanted! It could of course just be coincidental! Thanks for any thoughts you may have.

  • Nicki_WilliamsNicki_Williams Posts: 36 Menopause Expert

    Hi Sarah, it's really hard to know whether it's the Maca or whether it's just a peri-menopausal cycle. If the Maca isn't helping with symptoms then it's worth coming off it and seeing what happens. Sorry I can't be of more help!

  • SarahMumoftwoSarahMumoftwo Posts: 2

    Thanks for replying Nicki. I’ve decided to stop taking it to see if that makes a difference to my cycle.

  • yangheeyanghee Posts: 1

    Hi Nicki

    I'm new here and I'm 50 and going through menopause I think because I am feeling no energy, dry skin hair, sadness, bad and dry eye sight etc. what kinds of supplements I should take among many. Is it the best way If I take all of your top 5 suggestion which Promensil, Femmenessence, Lindens Hairskin and Nails, Lamberts Fema 45+, Phama Nord Bio-fish oil ?

  • Nicki_WilliamsNicki_Williams Posts: 36 Menopause Expert

    Hi Yanghee (sorry if that's not your name!), thanks for your message and sorry to hear you're struggling. I'm not sure where you got those top 5 supplements, here are my recommendations; https://happyhormonesforlife.com/menopause-supplements/

    In addition to this, Promensil and Femmenessence can be helpful. x

  • NadineNadine Posts: 9

    Hi I could really do with some advice please..I am 51 and have been using HRT for about 8 months, 3 pumps Oestrogel a.m and Utrogestan internally p.m on days 15-26 of cycle because I'm still having periods. I was encouraged to go on HRT by my mum and sister who both just use Oestrogel as they have both had full hysterectomies. HRT has helped my sleep and brain fog etc but to my dismay it has made me gain weight on my stomach thighs and upper arms. At 5ft 10 I have always been lucky to eat what I liked and never dieted. The only thing I noticed prior to the HRT was my waist was getting thicker and the HRT does seem to have helped that. But now I'm wondering what to do, I don't want to continue gaining weight but am reluctant to stop the HRT because I don't want other menopausal symptoms to kick in as I get older.

    Do you have any suggestions please? I've just started exercising at home using a rower, bike and weights, and I dont overeat plus I take vitamins and other supplements.

    Do you think that will help or is weight gain inevitable whether we take HRT or not ? I keep reading conflicting advice that I should increase the Oestrogel but I worry this would increase the weight gain?

    Thanks very much for your help, Nadine

  • Nicki_WilliamsNicki_Williams Posts: 36 Menopause Expert

    Hi Nadine,

    I'm sorry you're struggling with weight gain. It's unfortunately a very common menopausal symptom due to fluctuating hormones and many other factors. When we work with women on weight loss, we are looking to identify the root cause of the resistance. This can include stress (adrenal health), thyroid, oestrogen/progesterone imbalance, gut health, nutrient deficiencies, inflammation, toxins and of course your diet! It's very rarely lack of exercise.

    The dietary route is via our online 30 Days to Happy Hormones programme (www.happyhormonesforlife.com/30days). If it's something other than your diet, then I'd recommend you talk to us about testing. That way we can identify any underlying imbalance that could be causing a slow metabolism, or weight loss resistance.

    If you’d like to book a call with me, I can find out more about you and see how best we can help. Just use this link to my bookings calendar;  discoverysession.youcanbook.me 

    Hope that helps x

  • I was diagnosed perimenopausal in May but was told by the female doctor she didn’t recommend I take any HRT due to my age and the risk of breast cancer (I’m 44. I will be 45 during Christmas week). I’ve had perimenopausal symptoms of periods growing closer together, hot flushes, night sweats and mood swings since I turned 40. I have had gaps in my periods of up to 5 months. None of these symptoms worry me and I cope well with them 

    I can cope with the sweats and moods but my neck problem is debilitating and brings on strong anxiety and fear of dying (problems I have never suffered from. I’m the strong member of the family).

    my neck feels like I am being strangled constantly. My larynx feels swollen to me and regularly feels very painful (as though I have been punched int there throat). My throat is often dry too. My doctor originally suspected goitre (it isn’t) and then throat cancer. After ENT clinic and camera investigation I was told there is nothing wrong. My throat isn’t swollen and there are no lumps (despite it feeling like that to me when I touch it). She suspected reflux and I’m on omeprozole and gaviscon advance (no change in neck). Another doctor now is trying me on higher thyroid medication incase my thyroid needs a boost (blood test due before Christmas but I still feel no better after 3 months on new strength).

    Any advise would be great.

    I am a musical instrument teacher. I also teach singing which is impossible now. 

    I don’t drink, smoke, vape, eat fatty foods or red meat or chicken. I take sea buckthorn oil and multivitamins. I eat yogurt with dried fruit and grain/nuts to help with estrogen levels daily.

  • Nicki_WilliamsNicki_Williams Posts: 36 Menopause Expert

    Hi Sara, Thank you for your message and so sorry to hear you're struggling. Firstly, I'm not sure why your GP is not recommending HRT - are you at extra risk of breast cancer health-wise? If not, body identical HRT (patch, gel or micronised progesterone) has no proven risk of breast cancer.

    I'm not a doctor I'm afraid but I do know that hormones can cause some strange symptoms. It sounds like you may have some inflammation there, enough to cause discomfort but not causing disease. Without knowing more about you, it's hard to know what to advise. If you can afford private testing, it would be worth looking into your hormones (and possibly gut) to see what might be happening. If you'd like to set up a call with one of my team to discuss, let me know. x

  • puppy3puppy3 Posts: 24 ✭✭

    I've had such luck with changing my diet! I cut down on sugar in particular.

  • MonicaMMonicaM Posts: 337 ✭✭✭


    Hello, I have had a hard time loosing weight as well. It has been a serious struggle for me since I went instantly into menopause with rapid weight gain. Not much of a stomach at first then wow it is this gut. There was a time that I was going crazy with the carbs and sugar like I had no control over it and I had to get it under control like you said cut out the sugar and carbs to a low minimum. It is hard to do so because it seems like everything has sugar in it. But I am still pushing through I still crave sugar and carbs but I just try to fight it and I am doing intermittent fasting. I have lost some weight but an inch so far but it is better than nothing LOL.

    Try to keep going puppy3 and maybe you will see some results. Check out these articles they may help.

  • honeychildhoneychild Posts: 1

    Hi Nicki

    I am 61 and think I am through the menopause as I haven't had a period for over 2 years. I take a lot more supplements now since the pandemic took place was advised by a hospital consultant to take vitamin c and zinc. I take an immune supplement which has zinc, vitamin c and b6 with some other minerals. On top of this I take evening primrose, sea buckthorne and vitamin D3. I also take magnesium ( chelate ) with oxide and stearate in 150mg dosage. I am a bit worried I may be popping too many supplements as I never took any before apart from evening primrose oil. I read on one of the posts here that someone who was taking a lot of supplements had tests done and it affected her liver. I don't want to poison my body but I want to be with a stronger immune system and also all the effects of the menopause on the body in terms of lacking vitamins etc.



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