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What's one thing you love about yourself? [closed]

Blanka_CBlanka_C Posts: 374 Community Admin

[Giveaway is now closed, but this thread is full of inspiring thoughts! 😍]

Happy Friday Ladies,

Can't remember the last time we had a giveaway here, so thought we could do a MASSIVE one, worth £105! 😍

These two gorgeous products are up for grabs - that means 2 lucky winners!!

What's up for grabs?

About Kegel training

Kegel exercises are a great way to strengthen pelvic muscles, which can increase bladder control and make intimate moments more gratifying. During menopause the lining of the urethra can become thinner and the pelvic muscles can weaken, which can result in urinary incontinence and reduced sensation during intimacy. Regular stimulation of the Kegel muscle through exercises or the use of Kegel balls can help the pelvic muscles become strong again, meaning improved bladder control. Since the pelvic muscles are also an important part of pleasurable intercourse, training them can result in more enjoyable experiences for both parties.

How to enter the giveaway

Simply tell us 1 thing you absolutely LOVE about yourself below! I think we could all do with a little more self-love these days. 💖 We'll pick 2 winners at random on Friday, 28th. Good luck!

Best, Blanka x


Terms and Conditions

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  4. The competition is run globally.
  5. The competition is live from Friday 21st Feb 2020 to Friday 28th Feb 2020. We will close the competition at 5pm GMT on Friday 28th Feb 2020.
  6. The winners (2 in total, 1 for each product) will be selected at random and notified under this post after 5pm on Friday 28th Feb 2020.
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  • gemini21gemini21 Posts: 1

    I am always eager to learn new things about my body

  • Stracy70Stracy70 Posts: 1

    Even when it gets tough I never give up hope and reach out for help.

  • Shebop52Shebop52 Posts: 1

    I'm so proud I was able to carry and give birth to my happy surprise baby, even if having her gave me a weak bladder!

  • I have become a stronger woman and considering how very irrational I have become I love that my husband is even more supportive and still finds me sexy which makes me love him even more xx

  • TinksTinks Posts: 1

    I love all of myself

  • jjkjjk Posts: 3

    I love that I'm now over the first hurdle of understanding more about everything that is involved with menopause and can speak freely with others with out feeling I'm the only one going mad.

  • angie327angie327 Posts: 1

    Despite hot flushes, insomnia and slight anxiety due to the menopause I always get up and and stay positive. Being a mental health nurse working at the frontline I help people every day and even though it's hard I am grateful that I can make someones day a little better x

  • SusanneMcASusanneMcA Posts: 1

    I love about myself that no matter what life throws at me I always find a way to carry on and find something positive to learn.

  • ShirleyShirley Posts: 1

    I like my determination and drive to keep going and willingness to try almost anything to deal with the menopause and it’s issues.x

  • JunieJunie Posts: 54 ✭✭

    I never give up hope,

    i am having physio for my pelvic floor, to help with weak bladder, I hope I see improvement soon.


  • AnneMark7AnneMark7 Posts: 1

    Recently lost considerable weight which has been maintained through considerable lifestyle change - just pending a medical decision as to whether I can come off blood pressure medication due to the health benefits I’ve chosen. Fingers crossed 🤞.

  • NikNik Posts: 1

    Menopause do your worst!!!

    Even with the worst of symptoms making me feel worthless and hot, I wouldn’t change anything! Without the disadvantage of menopause I would not have my babies. Ladies we rock!

  • Bridget72Bridget72 Posts: 1

    What I like best about myself is I am completely unique.

    Just like all the other lovely ladies that are going through the menopause.

  • MaurMaur Posts: 1

    We all have the strength within us - we are amazing, strong and loved. Knowing this gives great peace. I am strong- we all are!

  • maryjane32maryjane32 Posts: 1

    I've been to hell and back but I'M STILL STANDING 😁👍there's been some dark dark times but I'm still here and i can finally say I'm proud of myself it's taken 55 years to tell myself I'm good enough to exist on this planet! ❤

  • Goldie55Goldie55 Posts: 1

    I have brought up three wonderful children on my own through all kinds of challenges - we have such a warm and supportive connectedness - I love the way we look out for each other and find moments to celebrate whenever we can 🌟

  • SuehappySuehappy Posts: 1

    I don’t let things in life get me down. At 55 I’m just starting my Menopause journey and so far it’s okay 🤞🏻

  • Kate67Kate67 Posts: 1

    I love that the menopause has helped me understand my body and gain more confidence in what I need.

  • JayLeeJayLee Posts: 1

    I love that I continue to stay curious and open minded to new ideas and solutions to help my menopausal symptoms and to be able to share my findings with others.

  • KazHowKazHow Posts: 2

    I love that I have over come a lot of issues from my past & feeling stronger. Menopause has been tough but I am at last learning how to deal with it in a positive way with the help from friends & family& of course the wonderful fb page ❤️

  • LobeeLobee Posts: 3

    What I love about myself is that discovered how strong I really am. Menopause really pushed me to my limits

  • How my body is always changing and I'm always learning something new!

  • GerijoGerijo Posts: 3

    I love that I'm finally allowing my creative side to shine through, writing and speaking about life and truth. What had left like the end has turned into a wonderful new beginning!

  • Shelly69Shelly69 Posts: 1

    I love that I can now acknowledge I am strong. Looking back at what I have been through and some of the challenges I have personally had to face over the past 30 years and there have been many both personally and professionally I have dealt with them and come out stronger after each one. I am strong resourceful and remain positive no matter what life throws at me

  • LEEK77LEEK77 Posts: 1

    I love my happy, smiling face!!😀

  • VicGVicG Posts: 1

    I love that I am me and I have my wonderful family to support me through the good and the bad times :-)

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