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Back ache, spotting and uti

RoseRose Posts: 2

Going around in circles with urine infections and pain in my back but not sure from what?


  • RoseRose Posts: 2

    I'm constantly on antibiotics for uti's. Keep getting blood in urine and pulling back pain around my kidney area including spotting. So fee up with it and not knowing if it's all linked to the menopause as I'm peri menopausal.

  • NanniejoNanniejo Posts: 2

    Hi rose, I had this last year, went for a scan and they found out I had a 19 mm stone stuck in my kidney, I had a stent put in for about 3 months to allow the infection to clear up properly then had it blasted.

    hope this helps x

  • Julie20Julie20 Posts: 345 mod

    Hi @Rose Im sorry you are having to deal with this. UTI's can be very painful. Are you given a weeks course of antibiotics or a long course. It's been proven that to clear a long standing UTI you need a course of at least 3 months of medication to clear it and also a low dose rather than a short course of a high dose. It may be worth asking your GP for this or asking for a hospital referral.

    Also start keeping a food diary of everything whether it be food or drink that you have as sometimes UTI's are triggered by certain foods. Alcohol also triggers them.

    Keep a journal for about a month and you may start seeing a pattern.

    Good luck x

  • Blanka_CBlanka_C Posts: 406 Community Admin

    Hi @Rose, I'm exactly the same, not sure if the menopause does anything to worsen it, but I've been having UTI since the age of 20. Last time all of a sudden I felt severe pain in my back area, I couldn't even move and at first I thought it's period related but it kept going on for days. I ended up in hospital (I just walked in A&E) with a kidney infection! No idea how and why, I always keep warm etc, but the doctor said it's very common. I had to do a week-long antibiotics course which helped after 2 days. I was also told once you get it, it's more likely to come back. :( I kept drinking cranberry juice for the burning sensation, which also helped a bit. Definitely worth asking your GP!

    Hope you feel better soon. Keep us posted please. x

  • debbie201debbie201 Posts: 2

    I went through the menopause a couple of years ago and last year started having regular UTIs. I took antibiotics and had an ultrasound which showed nothing amiss, but they kept coming back. I recently took a course of d-mannose tablets which you can buy over the counter. They are supposed to tackle long-term infections and so far they seem to be working, but it's a bit early to say for sure. Has anyone else tried d-mannose and what did you think of it?

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