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acid reflux and feeling like a lump in my throat

BaileybooBaileyboo Posts: 4

I am 52 and started peri menopause at 43. The first symptoms were anxiety, tears and hormonal rage rage. I rode that storm for 2 years and tried everything to combat the symptoms. I cannot take HRT as my Mum died of a pulmonary embolism and so for the past 7 years I have just put up with the sensations, the moods, the weight gain, the lack of energy. However, new symptoms have raised their ugly head. Acid reflux and occasional regurgitation of food, aches and pains, vibrations throughout my body, feeling like I have a lump in my throat, 2 week long periods and then nothing for 6 months,night sweats, cold flashes ..... I must be near the end of this now? I take vitamin D, Calcium and magnesium, Omegas, curccumin and vitamin C. My bloods are fine apart from hormone fluctuations.I'm pretty active as I have horses and easily reach 15000/20000 steps a day. I just want to know if anyone else has any of these symptoms as my friends are not experiencing half of this. My diet is very plain at the moment due to the reflux and the doctor gave me omeprezole twice a day. I feel very low and think I just need reassurance that this is whats wrong and nothing else. Are these strange symptoms all part of the journey?



  • Blanka_CBlanka_C Posts: 406 Community Admin

    Hi @Baileyboo,

    A massive welcome to you and I'm sorry I haven't got back to you sooner!❤️

    Ahh poor thing, it seems like you have been and are going through a lot. I'm so glad you find us though, everyone is super friendly and supportive here.

    Have you checked all of this with your GP? To me it seems you're experiencing all the symptoms in the book! All of these are quite common symptoms of the menopause. Remember: our bodies are very different and just because your friends are not experiencing something, that does not mean there's something wrong with you.

    I've just done some research and acid reflux can indeed be part of the journey. It's good that your GP has given you omeprazole, is it helping so far? I'd recommend you read this article around dry mouth & ways to combat it, you might find something in there working for you.

    Now, aches and pains. So many members of our community have problem with this! Big changes to your body and your hormones can leave your joints aching, and you might find that your range of motion changes, too. This is because as oestrogen levels fall and change, your joints and ligaments and tendons become less lubricated, which can lead to stiffness and pain. You might also notice redness, inflammation and swelling near some joints.

    There are lots of stuff you can try to help this, however. Have you tried using a muscle balm before? I've got a ginger one that I just rub on my legs in the evenings (my aches are not related to the menopause, I used to be a dancer) which makes it better. Lavender also has inflammatory properties.

    Then there's this cold cream called Biofreeze, this is my saviour! A microwavable wheat wrap might also be a good idea, heat is generally good for any kind of pain. I found this article for you: Aches and Pains during the Menopause.

    Actually we have lots of good resources around here, just gathered a couple of good ones, feel free to have a look at them when you've got a chance:

    On tops, we have a panel of friendly Menopause Experts here too, feel free to ask them anytime & they'll get back to you with a personal response:

    But most importantly, keep in mind you're not alone! Hope this helps and please keep me posted on how you're doing. x

    Feel free to look around the forum & join other discussions too, there's always a pair of ears if you need some reassurance.

    Blanka x

  • BaileybooBaileyboo Posts: 4

    Thank you Blanka. I ended up in ENT the other night because I felt like I could'nt swallow. Camera down nose and they checked me over. Throat clear apart from the base of my tongue being swollen and they think this is due to reflux problem. Got to go for a swallow test soon just to make sure everything is working properly.They will be able to see if I have an oesophagael pouch causing all of this.

    I am convinced this is hormonal. I'm at the stage of feeling like I have a period coming but nothing comes, night sweats , lack of sleep bla bla bla- all stressing me out. I'll go and have a read of the links you gave me. I'm sure I will find them useful.

    I have biofreeze but I like the sound of the ginger rub. Id rather have heat than cold if that makes sense. It is so nice to feel part of a community and that I am not alone. My friends are just starting their peri -meno journey and just don't understand what it can be like. Thank you so much for your help :) xx

  • momwith2boysmomwith2boys Posts: 1

    Hi @Baileyboo

    Thank you, Thank you, thank you for your post!! None of my friends are experiencing the same symptoms I have either. I am 47 years old and probably only about 11 months into peri-menopause. I too have had a feeling of a lump in my throat for about a year now, along with hot flashes at night, weight gain, dry mouth & anxiety.

    My doctor sent me to an ENT who did the camera in my nose down my throat and told me there was nothing physiologically wrong. I pushed for an MRI because I swore there was something there. MRI came back negative. My doctor, has now given me a prescription for physio therapy saying she suspects a neck injury, even though I've had no neck injury~although I've probably created it with the amount of times I've tried to make the motion to try and get whatever it is that I'm feeling in my throat out...like when you get a popcorn kernal stuck back there and you keep trying to get it out, that's what I do constantly, every day, all day. Frustrating.

    I have nights where my saliva feels so thick that I feel like I can't swallow, I didn't know there was a test for that so thank you for letting me know, I'm curious how your test went? When you have trouble swallowing, your anxiety goes up and the circle begins, uggghhhh...I believe my symptons too are hormonal but it's frustrating to try and navigate through it all with everyone dealing with different symptoms.

    I'm new to this site and am so thankful I came across your post! Was feeling a little crazy~lol. I will be looking around the site for helpful tips as I am just beginning this journey.:)

  • Blanka_CBlanka_C Posts: 406 Community Admin

    Hi @momwith2boys,

    First of all, what a cool name, hehe! 😁

    Just wanted to say welcome to our lovely Community, there are some super friendly & supportive ladies here. We've got lots of ongoing discussions, feel free to join any or open a new one.

    We've got this interesting chart called 'You're not going going crazy...It's menopause', thought you might like it.

    Chat soon,

    Blanka x

  • MonicaMMonicaM Posts: 337 ✭✭✭


    Oh my goodness I have had the same symptoms with the lump in my throat. I first notice it about a year or so ago scared me half to death I had a panic attack at a restaurant because I didn’t know what was happening. Just like you said it feels like a lump in your throat and it didn’t go away I thought it was going to stop me from being able to breath so I panicked.

    i went to an ENT doctor and they did the camera in my nose and felt around my throat and I went to the doctor and they called it Globus

    It is so scary they really don’t know what causes it but for me when my acid reflux starts and my allergies start up the feeling comes back and it just came back a couple of days ago so that is why when I saw your post I was like I am not the only one going through this and I am not alone someone else understands my fears with it. It happens out of nowhere

    Here is a link to Globus and I hope you get some relief from it and from the peri menopause symptoms. This is a great group and we are here to support you.


  • MonicaMMonicaM Posts: 337 ✭✭✭


    Hi Baileyboo,

    I wanted to followup with you to see how you are doing?

  • BaileybooBaileyboo Posts: 4

    |I'm good thanks . Diagnosed with silent reflux and the base of my tongue was swollen thus causing the swallowing complication. However, 2 months of omeprezole and its completely gone. Consultant said to lose weight and this would help. During this episode I lost 4 lbs in 3 months and I was eating less than 800 cals a day because it was so hard to swallow. Think this proves that hormones are holding onto the fat big time. I also have increased allergies and have even had hayfever symptoms in winter. Its mad!

    Regarding you panic attacks, I had my first one at 43 out of the blue, but later realised it was when my hormones went into havoc with peri menopause. I recovered from anxiety using The Linden Method after trying CBT and anti depressants ,( which only made it worse and increased my panic attacks). I am now an Anxiety Recovery Coach with The Linden Method and it honestly changed my life. I have not been anxious for years and will never be anxious again. I just wish there was a book which told us all of the weird things that can happen during this change to our hormonal balance during peri and meno. I know all about the sensations of anxiety but I keep finding new sensations to do with menopause. No Doctor or Consultant I've came across has half the understanding that the community on here does. They should jump on here and read our stories. :)

    Stay safe and best wishes x

  • Blanka_CBlanka_C Posts: 406 Community Admin

    Hi @Baileyboo, great to hear you're doing better now. What a journey you've been through.

    So inspiring to hear you've recovered from anxiety and that now you are a Coach. I was diagnosed with 'anxiety with depression' (didn't even know there was such a thing) a year and a half ago (in my case, this was not menopause-related). I was put on antidepressants, which really made everything worse in the first month or too but then I started to feel better. Now I'm trying to get off it as I'm having side effects (low libido, exhaustion) and just don't want to be on it anymore. Finding it really hard, I think my body is 'addicted' to it at this point, every time I reduce the dose my anxiety gets worse. But I'll get there eventually. I just wish I'd tried counselling, therapy or something else first.

    Anyways, I also wanted to share that we have a new Menopause Nurse on here (she's called Diane) who can answer questions and give expert advice on symptoms or anything menopause-related. You can ask her here if you'd like:

    Stay safe! x

  • BaileybooBaileyboo Posts: 4

    The reason the meds dont work is simple science really. Anxiety is a disorder of the emotion of fear, so its not a mental illness. Its to do with a release of the adrenaline hormone from our adrenal glands. Its just an inappropriate release of this hormone, when no real threat exists. That's all. Also anxiety is a state of hyper vigilance so you cant be depressed at the same time. You can be fed up and low because you are anxious but not clinically depressed.They are polar opposites of each other. This always used to annoy me when I was anxious because the Gp would say I was depressed when I knew I was'nt. I could bang on about it but the proof is out there. Just read the testimonials on FB and online. Counselling and talking therapy dont work either. They just remind you that you are anxious. I tried CBT, counselling, hypnosis, medication etc and nothing cured it. The Linden Method is totally different and its all about what you are doing not what you are thinking. Its brilliant! I urge you to have a look or get in touch with me or the Linden Centre. We advocate withdrawal from medication, if you want to , through a proper programme with your GP of course, whist complying with The Linden Method so you are withdrawing a the same time as you are recovering. I was given anti depressants and then diazapam for a side effect, then given another drug to counter act that. Its madness really. Anyway, i truly hope you recover and get your anxiety free life back. And thank you for the link to Diane. I might have to have her on speed dial! :)

  • Blanka_CBlanka_C Posts: 406 Community Admin


    Thank you. Honestly, this is exactly how I was (and still am) thinking. I can get anxious, have mood swings - but I never ever felt depressed. Anyway, I think I have helped manage my anxiety by myself rather than the meds, really. I am drawing a lot, reading every day, have mindfulness minutes and exercise 3 times a week. I've never felt so put-together. x

  • MonicaMMonicaM Posts: 337 ✭✭✭


    Thank you Baileyboo for the update and congrats on being a coach.

    In he past my doctor wanted me to get on antidepressants because they said it would help with the hot flushes and night swears and I said no why would I take a medication when I am not depressed. My doctor was a little annoyed with me about it but he got over it lol. Needless to say I still have hot flushes really bad and night sweats.

    Thank you for the insightful information.

  • Djdros52Djdros52 Posts: 29 ✭✭

    Hello, I am new to the site. I am 52 and very menopausal. My last menstrual cycle was at age 49. Recently I was diagnosed with acid reflux, went to GI clinic to get light run into my throat and was told I had a stomach infection. Took antibiotics and during the process lost 15lbs. I have had some crazy symptoms, like hot flash from top of head and neck to bottom of my feet. Only to turn around and have chills which feel like my legs get feeling weak. My head feels floaty like I will pass out. Some days are worst than others. Flutters in my chest or stomach, heart palpitations really fast. Been to emergency room had EKG and normal. Eyes feel tired all the time or feel like trash in them. Is there anyone out there experience this? My Dr. said could be anxiety. Anyway going to see heart Dr. Next month .

  • Roobee45Roobee45 Posts: 32 ✭✭

    Hi, so sorry you are suffering so much. Have you had your bloods checked?

    Hope you feel better soon x

  • Djdros52Djdros52 Posts: 29 ✭✭

    Yes I have blood checked every 6 months and had a thyroid check, all Dr. Said looked fine. I am wondering if it's all due to menopause.

  • Djdros52Djdros52 Posts: 29 ✭✭

    Thanks Roobee 45.

  • MenopauseorjustmeMenopauseorjustme Posts: 432 Menopause Nurse Practitioner


    Good morning, I'm Diane a nurse practitioner specialising in menopause. I am so pleased you have received so much support. That is what these forums are all about; providing support along with professional advice.

    There is one thing I picked up on was that you couldn't have HRT as your mom died of a Pulmonary Embolism. I would suggest getting more clarity on this... if you had had a blood clot you still take Oestrogen in a patch or gel; it does not increase your risks of getting a clot.

    For peace of mind I would suggest having this conversation with your GP. I have prescribed Oestrogen in patches and gel to people who have had blood clots as HRT is not contra indicated. I would find out more...Please message me again if you would like to discuss further.

    Best wishes

    Diane Porterfield Bourne.

  • Lisa_BLisa_B Posts: 1

    Hi! I’m new here, you definitely are not alone! I get the throat thing too and I don’t find a lot of people who get this either. I have a lot of the same symptoms, I’m on hrt which helps a lot, but doesn’t stop it all. I’m 44 and started peri menopause around 39, 40. I’ve had everything chkd out and they don’t find any issues and have had all blood work done too. So frustrating. I learn more and get more help from forums like this than I do with most doctors. They don’t seem to make the connection to ours symptoms and our age group and that it could be peri/menopause related. I exercise regularly etc. but it doesn’t stop what I deal with.

  • MenopauseorjustmeMenopauseorjustme Posts: 432 Menopause Nurse Practitioner


    Good morning.

    Acid reflux can be very common, menopause or not. Pregnancy is a time many women experience oesophageal reflux and it's not very pleasant. The upper muscle around your stomach often relaxes and hence acid can come up your oesophagus.

    The higher levels of Oestrogen often cause this but there are other causes too. If it is related to HRT then persist if you can as with most side effects to medications they pass after some weeks. However any concerns, worsening or persisting symptoms should always be discussed with your GP.

    Reducing caffeine, alcohol, spicy foods and the time and amount of food you eat will help too.

    Any menopause or HRT advice you need please write in. There is so much on here and lots of people who can provide you with accurate evidence based advice to improve your symptoms and long term health.

    Best wishes

    Diane Porterfield Bourne.

  • MonicaMMonicaM Posts: 337 ✭✭✭


    Thank you for the info Diane very helpful. I have been dealing with acid reflux for awhile off and on. I do notice it happens mostly for me when I eat a lot of foods that I shouldn’t or I get really gassy if there is a such a word. It has been acting up these past couple of days trying to slow down when I eat and watching the spices that I use.

    I never experienced the lump in my throat sensation until two years ago, I got so scared thinking it was going to cause my throat to close. It is a very annoying feeling but thank goodness it doesn’t happen that often. It sort of happens out of nowhere and goes away out of nowhere.

    Thanks again for the advice

  • Hi. I’m new to this forum.

    I have had the same Problem in my neck for 8 months now with no relief whatsoever.

    I am desperate for just one day without this feeling. It feels like I have someone strangling me while a pain is in my larynx as though I have been punched in the throat. This feeling is 24 hours a day, every day since May 2020.

    I had doctors suspect goitre, then throat cancer. Went to ENT for the nose camera and there was nothing wrong at all. They guessed reflux and put me on omeprozole and gaviscon advance. No change in symptoms so back to GP who increased my thyroxine in September (I have under active thyroid) and is leaving me until a blood test during Christmas week. The increase hasn’t changed my neck pain at all.

    I was diagnosed perimenopausal in May but was told by the female doctor she didn’t recommend I take any HRT due to my age and the risk of breast cancer (I’m 44. I will be 45 during Christmas week). I’ve had perimenopausal symptoms of periods growing closer together, hot flushes, night sweats and mood swings since I turned 40. I have had gaps in my periods of up to 5 months.

    i can cope with the sweats and moods but this neck is debilitating.

    Any advise would be great

    I am a musical instrument teacher. I also teach singing which is impossible now.

    I don’t drink, smoke, vape, eat fatty foods. I take sea buckthorn oil and multivitamins. I eat yogurt with dried fruit and grain/nuts to help with estrogen levels.

  • I forgot to say, to me my larynx feels swollen but the doctor at the ENT clinic said it all felt fine and normal.

  • MonicaMMonicaM Posts: 337 ✭✭✭

    @Sara Swift-Stafford

    Thank you for joining us this forum is pretty awesome. We have a doctor and nurse on our forum which is pretty cool and they can give you advice on the issues that you are having.

    That is so exciting about you teaching music and singing. I wish I could sing, can't carry a note at all. I have always enjoyed singing but I would definitely hurt people's ears.

    I am so sorry that you are going through all of what you are experiencing, sending you a big virtual hug.

    I experience all of what you mentioned, night sweats, hot flushes and mood swings but the neck issue I have not experienced before so I would like to tag the professionals in this post and I am confident they can give you some suggestions @Diane Porterfield-Bourne and @Giada Frontino.

    I hope that you will get some relief soon and again welcome and thank you for joining us.

  • MenopauseorjustmeMenopauseorjustme Posts: 432 Menopause Nurse Practitioner

    @Sara Swift-Stafford

    Thank you for your message and describing how you are feeling. The positive aspect is that they have fully investigated you and there isn't anything concerning....but you are still having this feeling in your throat..

    Has ENT said what they think the cause of this discomfort is? What can you do to relieve this? Do they think its acid reflux? Have the PPI ( omperazole etc) made any improvements?

    You said your GP wouldn't prescribe you HRT due to your young age and cancer risks. Do you have strong family hormone cancer risks, ie your mom or sisters?

    I am a nurse practitioner and specialise in menopause and HRT. Unfortunately I hear this very often but in reality you may be able to have HRT.

    I would be asking more questions such as asking why she thinks you have hormone cancer risks? If you are still not happy or have more questions...I would ask to see another GP or ask to be referred to a menopause clinic.

    Please keep us posted.

    Best wishes

    Diane Porterfield Bourne.

  • Hi. Thanks for your reply. The ENT suspected reflux and gave me a course of omaprezole and gaviscon. It didn’t help but I’m still on them.

    i am an only Child and have no history of cancer in general throughout both sides of my family. My Mum’s cousin has breast cancer right now at the age of 70. She is the only case of cancer in our family.

    I have had some people on another form mention I may be b12 deficient (my last blood test showed my reading at 300) or anxiety. my father died suddenly of a heart attack July 2019. I was there. My mum and dad lived with me and my family. I had to organise everything with no support (my husband didn’t know what to do and mum wasn’t able). Mum started to improve and then covid hit. I’ve been caring for her. I can’t work as I teach piano so I’m home all the time, caring for mum and looking after my Son and husband too. 

    My son broke his wrist a month ago but said it was sprained. It’s now healing slightly bent and we have to wait to see if it straightens. I feel so guilty that I let others convince me not to take him to hospital 😢. 

    I would say the last 18 months are the most stressful I have ever had. 

  • Giada FrontinoGiada Frontino Posts: 73 Consultant Gynaecologist

    Dear @Sara Swift-Stafford ,

    I am very sorry to hear the difficulties you have been going through.

    Does the throat pain occur when you swallow or indipendently from this? Is there anything that worsens it? I would surely suggest a neck ultrasound scan.

    Kind regards,

    GMC Full Specialist Registration # 7468911 

    Website: https://www.doctify.com/uk/specialist/dr_giada_frontino 

  • No it doesn’t hurt when I swallow. The pain is independent. I have another thyroid blood test on Thursday (doctor thinks it’s my thyroid levels but there’s no improvement). Other forums have suggested anything from perimenopause (I am confirmed as being in the perimenopause), B12 deficiency (my last blood test showed my level as satisfactory but on the low side) or stress/anxiety (father died suddenly in my presence and now I’m full time carer of mum).

  • MenopauseorjustmeMenopauseorjustme Posts: 432 Menopause Nurse Practitioner

    Hi @Sara Swift-Stafford

    You are getting some good advice. Can I ask how old you are and how long you have been experiencing peri menopausal symptoms?

    Don't underestimate the impact stress can do to you body plus everything you are going through. If your GP thinks you need B12, they can prescribe this for you.

    However if you are having menopausal symptoms then discussing HRT with your GP is a good option.

    It sounds like you are spinning quite a few plates so keeping you well and healthily is so important....

    Please keep up posted on what happens at your GP. We are here to help and advice but your GP is the person who manages your care.

    Take care.

    Best wishes

    Diane Porterfield Bourne.

  • Hi.

    I am 44 (45 just before Christmas). I started with perimenopause symptoms at age 40 but was diagnosed perimenopausal with a blood test this May (2020). The hot flushes, night sweats and irritability have never changed since this all started in 2015 but the throat pain started in May and has never left me even for a few hours.

    i understand that the GPs are busy with covid but I do feel ignored. No advice on HRT just told they don’t recommend it to me (I have no history of cancer anywhere in my family). Because I have hypothyroidism they keep saying it is that. I have another blood test this Thursday and, if my thyroid is functioning normally again then they will have to think of another reason.

    i can cope easily with all of my other symptoms but this neck is now taking over my life. I don’t want to do anything but get this feeling gone.

    I will keep everyone posted.

  • MenopauseorjustmeMenopauseorjustme Posts: 432 Menopause Nurse Practitioner

    @Sara Swift-Stafford

    What are you going to do about your menopause symptoms? Have they said why they don't advice you have HRT? I usually ask women to ask more specific questions to ask exactly why they don't want to prescribe HRT. Is there a medical reason why you can't have it that they haven't discussed with you? etc etc.

    There aren't many women who can't have HRT but I'm use to advising and prescribing it.

    Do let us know what happens and how you get on.

    But I would also want to know more about why you have the throat pains? They are doing more bloods and if they are all normal, then what other investigations will they give you?

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Best wishes

    Diane Porterfield Bourne.

  • My bloods have come back and my thyroid is back to normal levels, my B12 is normal, I am not suffering coeliac disease or gluten intolerance. The only abnormal levels were my folic acid is a little high (it’s in my multivitamin) and my immunoglobulin A level is high by U.K. standard but normal by USA standard. 3.6g/l.

    my doctor isn’t available today so I will call tomorrow.

    The nurse who took my blood is a friend and she told me that my area in the U.K. has no menopause clinics or specialist nurses to help and she said they may not do anything.

    my neck is still the same. I’m thinking it has to be perimenopausal and hormonal.

    I’ll keep you all in the loop.

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