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Menopause and anti depressants

ThisismeThisisme Posts: 1

Hi everyone, new to this forum and new to the menopause......I was put on HRT , not on them long but now going back to doctors and have a feeling this is what’s going to be offered to me. I know I am not depressed but I also know I don’t feel like me, and would really rather not be on an anti depressant but obviously if it helps. Is anybody else on anti depressants, or both ? Thanks in advance for any comments/ advise.


  • Julie20Julie20 Posts: 345 mod

    Hi @Thisisme

    Firstly welcome to this lovely forum.

    How long have you been taking HRT? It can take up to 3 months to start working

    As for antidepressants, a lot of ladies including myself are on citalopram, not for depression but they help with the mood swings. I know for a fact that they are a life saver for me. I didn't realise how moody and not me I was until I had started taking them. Within a week I started feeling normal again.

    Go to see the Dr with an open mind and if you think they will help then try them, if you don't like them you can stop again.

    Anything at this stage of our lives is worth a go just to help us get through this stage of our lives X

  • flowergirl5flowergirl5 Posts: 9

    Hi @Thisisme,

    I'm on anti-depressants too, have been on citalopram for 9 months now. Initially I found it difficult, felt more anxious than before, but it took only 2 weeks and was told it's normal as your body needs to get used to it. It really did help me with anxiety and mood swings after all, but I started to have very unpleasant side effects in the last couple of months, including low libido and sleepiness. I decided to come off them (monitored by my GP) and have been reducing the dose slowly ever since, it's not the easiest thing, but I really believe it helped me at the time I needed it. Let me know how you get on x

  • Pepster2022Pepster2022 Posts: 4

    Hi ladies

    After doing quite a bit of research on 2.5ml liquid Fluoxetine (lowest dose I can obtain), and after several and not successful attempts with HRT - I decided to bite the bullet (anything has to be better than I have felt since pre Summer), to speak to GP and get the script. I won't even tell you about my reluctance to anti depressants.

    I am currently off work as I completely 'hit a wall' both physically and mentally - (I am a front line member of staff).....at the end of November, whilst actually taking annual leave! The last 3 weeks, I have struggled even doing the washing up! Total apathy. It's shocking.

    Am 46, (irregular and v painful TOTHM), a lark with normally loads of morning energy and va va voom - whom really 'liked' going to work and loves helping her clients. What happened? !!!!?????

    Anyone else going through this or is taking Prozac in this instance?

    Many thanks x

  • DenaskhamDenaskham Posts: 1

    Hi, I've been on antidepressants for many years and am really struggling with low mood. I'm perimenopausal and my GP won't prescribe me HRT. I'm desperate for some help to lift my mood. Any advice ladies?

  • Pepster2022Pepster2022 Posts: 4

    Hi Ddenaskham

    Is there any particular reason why GP will not prescribe?

    A v good friend of mine (47) has been on Citrolapram for nearly 2 years for PDD. Nearly lost the plot - also took some time off recently from work - due to chronic anxiety and vv low mood. Really uncharacteristic too Finally, and after several different appts with other GPs in her local med centre, she has been prescribed HRT patches - the difference! She is now supporting me!!!! Maybe you can reduce your AD and get a low dose of HRT?

    Obviously you mustn't stop taking your ADs without letting your GP know.

    I cannot recommend enough, getting other DRs opinions- it's taken me since June this year, just to get this far!

    Oh, and here's something interesting - I am pretty intolerant of taking anything 'hormonal'. Eg, Depo or Mirena.....Only put 2 and 2 together recently (had copper coil)....all has finally made sense. Off to Occ Health tomorrow......

    So the 2.5mls is keeping me optimistic!

    Us ladies seriously need to talk and support each other x

  • flowergirl5flowergirl5 Posts: 9

    @Thisisme @Pepster2022 @Denaskham

    Hi ladies, how are you holding up? I'm still struggling to come off antidepressants and I think I have the winter blues...I find it harder to get up than usual. Feeling so anxious in the mornings. I know it'll be better when the sun's out though.

    Also I think things have actually got a little better since December. I feel less sleepy and more motivated, started doing stuff I didn't enjoy at all before, including cooking new things.

    Hope you're all doing better! 💕


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