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HRT Will it help?

Jane495Jane495 Posts: 2

Hi everyone, my first post on here. I am 49 years old and I am quite sure that I am either pre menopausal or going through the menopause. Been in a bit of denial for a while.

Last year my periods stopped for a bit, then they started again, after I had a smear (dont know if this had anything to do with it) my periods become really heavy and I felt wiped out and had stomach cramps. I could deal with this at the time as awful as it was.

The problem is now, that my last period just doesnt want to stop. For 3 weeks I have been wearing a sanitary Towel as I am having bleeding all the time, not a lot, just a bit. It can be Bright red then sometimes brown. I have been feeling very dizzy, grumpy, and extremely tired, I also have a dull ache in my bloated belly, and very bad lower back ache. I gave up alcohol last year, and was expecting to feel amazing for it, I have also put on about 2 stone. I exercise regularly and eat healthily (although tonight I was so fed up that I ate 2 Danish pastries).

I am coming off sertraline very slowly and this is being monitored by the doctor. I was just wondering if anyone else is experiencing these problems. Oh I also have heart palpitations, and have suffered with anxiety in the past, but was feeling better until now. I really feel that I want to come off anti depressants and maybe try HRT. My mother says its amazing. If anyone has any advise I will be extremely grateful. Jane x



  • Blanka_CBlanka_C Posts: 406 Community Admin


    Hi Jane,

    Welcome to our amazing community!

    It sounds like you're going through quite a lot at the moment.

    First things first, you might find useful having a look at this article on the 3 stages of menopause (peri, meno and post) for an extra peace of mind: https://menopause.livebetterwith.com/blogs/stories-info/about-the-three-stages-of-menopause-peri-meno-and-post

    One of the most common symptoms of perimenopause is irregular periods, in fact, this is often one of the first signs that you are in the perimenopause stage. The menstrual cycle starts to become erratic, and bleeding can be heavier and last longer. Some women also experience an increase in PMS symptoms, such as cramping. I found this thread for you with some tips from our members on long periods: https://community.livebetterwith.com/menopause/discussion/comment/4496#Comment_4496, however, I'd definitely get it checked. Have you spoken to your doctor already?

    When my mother was peri, she was extremely tired as well, all the time. It didn't matter if it was 4am or 2pm, she felt exhausted at work, during weekends etc. She was recommended a bunch of vitamins by her GP, including B12, iron and magnesium. It took a while but I think it really helped her (although part of the truth is that she didn't eat healthily either, she could just simply forget to have lunch during the day...). I'm also thinking of getting her an energising balm this Christmas, I haven't tried any myself, but a friend of mine has it and she says it's amazing. If you're up for reading a bit, this article is also full of good tips to feeling a bit more energised: https://menopause.livebetterwith.com/blogs/stories-info/living-better-with-menopause-how-to-kickstart-your-morning

    I'm coming off Citalopram myself, it really helped me at the time but I prefer not to continue with it as I'm finding the side effects just awful - in fact, I regularly feel dizzy and have random heart palpitations ever since I started reducing the dose and my GP said it's common when coming off anti-depressants. Not sure about sertraline specifically though, maybe it's worth telling your GP about the symptoms you're experiencing?

    I've tried lots of different things during this period to help my anxiety and I have to say a good mindfulness app and some essential oils can do wonders (I use lavender atm). I'm using the Clarity app by @Becks_Armstrong, it's a really useful tool to feel a little calmer each day. :)

    I myself have no experience with HRT, maybe @Julie20 has some tips for some of the stuff you're going through?

    Hope this helps, let me know how you get on x

    Blanka xx

  • Jane495Jane495 Posts: 2

    Hi Blanka,

    Thank you so much for this information, really kind of you. I will have a look and let you know how I get on.

    I do think coming off my anti depressants has a lot to do with my symptoms of feeling dizzy and tired. I am trying to look after myself more, staying more hydrated and plenty of sleep and rest (when I can). Yoga is great too, well any type of exercise helps.. I think when I wrote my original post I was a bit low. Feeling a bit better today. I will certainly have a read of all the info you have kindly supplied.

    Good luck coming off the Citalopram, I find deep breathing and Yoga help.

    Let me know how you do,

    All the best

    Jane xxxx

  • Becks_ArmstrongBecks_Armstrong Posts: 33 Menopause Mindfulness Expert

    Hi @Jane495 Sorry to hear that you've not been doing so well lately. I wanted to add a bit to what @Blanka_C said (thank you for your shoutout about Clarity.app! 😍)

    I just wanted to check that you're coming off your antidepressants slowly and with your doctors guidance? Coming off them can change how you're freeling (like the dizziness and tiredness) so you may need to take a while to slowly come off them.

    It's great to hear you're looking after yourself more - you're worth looking after! Deep breathing and yoga will definitely be a great way to start. It may be really helpful to find a mindfulness based cognitive therapy (MBCT) course to do - this has been researched to show you get better and long lasting results compared to antidepressants.

    I hope you keep feeling better.

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