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Sleeping and feeling on edge all the time

Hi I have been menopausal for 18 months know and for the last 12 months don't sleep tried most things and saw my Dr who prescribed tablets which after trying the right dose does help most nights makes me not go to bed worrying about things usually silly things but I don't want to get addicted to them any suggestions ? Also I feel on edge a lot and even small things I over think about and worry I some times get to the point of thinking nothing is going right so what's thevpoint of living any one else feels like this and any solutions


  • Julie20Julie20 Posts: 345 mod

    Hi @Kimlolly3011

    Thank you for getting in touch and posting this. I think a lot of people worry about becoming addicted to certain tablets but you must remember that right now you need them to be able to perform daily functions. If you don't take them you don't sleep which then makes you anxious and overthink everything. You don't need them for the rest of your life but right now you do so do not feel like you are doing something wrong in taking them as you are not. It may well be that you can take them for 6 months or so then your body clock may have reset itself and you can slowly wean yourself off of them with professional medical advise and support.

    As for thinking that there is no point anymore that's something you need to work on. Every day write down one positive thing about your life, family, people around you, anything really and fold it up and put it in a box, at the end of each week read them all and start to try to believe them, even if it's something you think is silly such as " my hair is shiny and looks nice today " . Also try and do a bit of exercise, even if it's only walking, fresh air can do wonders for our mind and soul. Get aroma therapy oils such as lavender and jasmine and have a nice hot bath with these in the water at night before bed , try some sleep time tea such as camomile, you will be amazed that just little things can make a big difference, and make sure you always have you time.

    Taking medication does not make you a failure it just means you were brave enough to admit you need help, menopause is a rotten time in our lives but we can do this, we all do what ever it takes to get us through it. You aren't alone in this. We are all here to support each other.

    You are a warrior you can do this X

  • Thank you for your reply I do have good days when I feel great and I am going to give them 6 months see if it helps, just hate feeling so low some days my hair never seems to look good anymore and it gets me down just hate feeling so crap, be glad when finally get over this and feel normal again.

  • Julie20Julie20 Posts: 345 mod

    I think what you are feeling about yourself is very normal. Our bodies and minds go through so many changes very quickly it's hard to keep ahead of it all.

    I let my hair grow quite long then realised it looked dull n lank and was falling out all over the place so I had it cut in to a nice short bob. That alone made me feel so much better.

    Take a little step each day and don't force anything X

  • It's just horrible when you talk to other women who are having no problems and look good, think as well before going through menopause I felt good and was happy with myself other than getting older lol then when first started going through it other then spotting for few months no other symptoms then 8 months later it hit only thing Idon't suffer is night sweats , just hate feeling low over silly little things and worrying about things I can't change in my family will try to take time and relax as I am lucky I only work partime so do get a lot of time to myself

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