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HRT patches

Kazza123Kazza123 Posts: 21

Hi Im peri and feel like ive had an alien take over my body i hate all my symptoms it feels like its taken over my life and feels like i will never get better. I have niw developed itchy skin its like things are crawling on me i cant stand it and where im scratching its now turning bumpy. I now have a bad back which i have musculoskeletal all my muscles are so tight im struggling to get about my osteopath thinks its all to do with hormone drop apparently can affect your back as all the changes going on.... whatever next. I started to take the hrt patch last week as at my wits end with these horrific symptoms im getting i seem to have alot of gas has anybody experienced this has anybody experienced a back/muscle problem or itchy skin that can give me any advice.

Thank you



  • KazKaz Posts: 475 mod

    Hi @Kazza123

    So glad to see you’ve finally got your patches - you’ve had a rotten time of it!

    You should start to feel a bit better within a few weeks, and hopefully within a few months you’ll feel significantly better.

    Ive been on patches since the start of the year - and for me, the difference is night and day. There have been a couple of tweaks along the way, with increases in dose, so HRT doesn’t fix things immediately, but you should feel hopeful.

    For the itching, which I still get periodically, I take an OTC antihistamine and use Bio Oil. I find if I don’t moisturise regularly, my skin dries out and gets itchy.

    If you can afford it, why don’t you treat yourself to a nice back massage to ease the muscles? I also take a magnesium supplement that helps to with joints and muscles, and can also help with sleep. The patches have definitely helped ease my sore joints and muscles, but it takes time.

    As for gas - I have three small dogs, and I tend to blame them for the increased output!

    Hope you start to feel better soon ☺️

  • Kazza123Kazza123 Posts: 21

    Thank you kaz

    I feel like im never going to feel better. I started a new job beginning september was there for 2 weeks been signed off since my back is so painful struggling to getting around not sure what will happen there.

    Thank you for your message i feel doctors dont know anything about menopause and feel like im on my own and dying as i feel so ill ive never known such a horrible thing can turn your body and life upside down.

    Thanks karen

  • KazKaz Posts: 475 mod

    I hear you!

    I got so fed up with it all, I helped start a campaign!

    It DOES get better - but until it does, it’s nice to know you’re not on your own x



  • Kazza123Kazza123 Posts: 21


    Letter to the doctor wow!!!! Thats exactly how i feel.

    Thank you😍

  • KazKaz Posts: 475 mod

    I’m glad! Not that you feel that way too! But that you now realise you’re not on your own. Hang in there x

  • Loujay01Loujay01 Posts: 5

    Hi Kazza, you may want to speak to the occupational health team at work; if your back is bad they may be able to help? Do you sit a lot out at work? I saw a chiropractor due to a bad back & he said sitting too much is not helping my back, & he wrote a letter to help me request a sit/stand desk.

    I agree with Kaz’s advice re magnesium & massage too! I also take omega 3s, & drink plenty of water to help my skin.

    Many of us have had the symptoms that aren’t really recognised by GPs as being menopause related & it’s only now with the Makemenopausematter campaign that were realising how lacking some GPs knowledge is. Just know that you’re not going mad & there is help & support with sites like this talking about it; hopefully the HRT will help you soon xx

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