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Itchy skin

Hi, I'm new here. I had a complete hysterectomy last year and started menopause more or less straight away. I'm now on HRT tablets which solves a lot of the symptoms but the one thing which is driving me nuts is feeling like I have things crawling on me which leads to itchy skin. Has anyone got any suggestions


  • KazKaz Posts: 482 mod

    Hi @MillyMollyMandy_66


    It's horrible isn't it - but not uncommon!

    I get this every now and then and it drives me mad when it happens. I use an anti histamine when it's at its worst, and aloe Vera gel kept in the fridge to soothe irritated skin.

    I know other ladies have other ideas too!

    Hope this helps! 😊

  • Hi, thank you for the answer, I've tried the anti-histamine which either takes time to work or makes me tired, depending on what I'm using. Fine if I'm in bed but not if I'm at work!! Never happy are we 🤗 not tried the aloe vera in the fridge so definitely worth a try. Have recently discovered O'Keefes which is great for the itches but it's the crawling bit ggrrrr!!

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