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tengo 55 anos y no duermo bien y tngo resequedad vaginal q puedo hacer

que me recomiendan para ls resequedad vaginal


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    I am 55 years old and I don't sleep well and I have Vaginal Dryness what can I Do? what can you recommend for vaginal dryness?

    Hello @ive6249

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    I hope I've managed to translate your Question properly!

    Lack of sleep was a massive issue for me too, and even now sometimes I still struggle. It makes everything else so much harder to deal with. I now have a sleep routine that mostly works, and the addition of HRT is helping enormously too. In the last year though, the best thing I've discovered to help me on a daily basis is a mindfulness app called Clarity. It helps me with a lot of my symptoms, but more importantly it helps me to sleep, and it helps keep my anxiety in check. Maybe this could be an idea for you to try something like this to help you?

    I love Clarity (for menopausal women) but of course, there are others. It takes a little bit of practice, but it's not a lot of effort and the results in terms of sleep, and a feeling of calm, is well worth that little bit of work.

    Https:// clarity.app

    Are you taking anything to help with symptoms?

    Attached is an article from LiveBetterWith about vaginal dryness - it has some helpful tips. I would also recommend that you find the book Me and My Menopausal Vagina by Jane Lewis. It's packed full of really helpful tips to help and I always recommend that every woman reads it at least once.


    Hope this helps.

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