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Menopause after HRT & Hysterectomy

michellemcmichellemc Posts: 1
I had a Radical Hysterectomy 22 yrs ago & was put on HRT (as I was only 32 yrs old). 
I had no problems with HRT  but my GP stopped my HRT last year (due to my age 53 then & long time HRT): I immediarely started going through the menopause symptoms (depression, anxiety, mood swings, hot flushes, etc). This year I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia & Osteoporosis, which have the same symptoms as the Menopause, so I don't lnow what to dp or take to relieve these symptoms.
Has anyone tried vitamins, etc & did they help, also does anyone have any solutions?
Thanks for your help


  • KazKaz Posts: 475 mod
    Hello @michellemc


    That must be frustrating for you!

    The length of time a woman takes HRT is variable. There is no set length of time that you should take HRT for. Some women take it for a few years to help improve their worst symptoms of the menopause. Many women find that when they stop taking HRT after a few years then they have no more symptoms of the menopause.

    However, if your symptoms return when you stop taking HRT this is not an effect of taking hormones, this is because you would still be having symptoms of the menopause at that time if you had never taken HRT.

    Some women decide to take HRT for a much longer period of time than a few years. This is often because they feel better and have more energy when they take HRT and they also want to benefit from their reduction in risk of osteoporosis and heart disease when they take HRT.

    It is an individual decision between yourself and your doctor regarding the length of time you will take HRT. Unfortunately if your GP isn't up to date with the latest menopause information, then you may find that they are reluctant to continue your HRT treatment, and you may need to ask for a referral to a menopause clinic or specialist in order to continue or restart your HRT if you think your symptoms are menopause related.

    The attached fact sheet from Dr Louise Newson, one of the leading menopause specialists in the UK, explains that there is no set time for women to stop HRT. Perhaps this would help you to have another conversation with a different GP in the practice?


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