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Weight Gain

So I’m 51, I presume menopausal..... sweats, tried etc and gained 10lb almost overnight..I walk daily with our dog (10,000 steps most days) eat mainly vegetarian....... why can’t I lose the weight?


  • Nursesally91Nursesally91 Posts: 16

    I feel your pain, I’m 48 but I’m surgical menopausal 18 months ago and I’ve Ive gained half a stone they will not shift with weight watchers strict diet and gym 4 days a weeks and a busy working life. So frustrating, I am healthier now than ever.

  • carjam50carjam50 Posts: 3

    I guess healthier should be the goal not the 10lb..... just feel middle aged!🙈

  • Julie20Julie20 Posts: 294 mod

    Hi @carjam50

    It's really upsetting isn't it. Doesn't matter how much we try to eat healthy the weight just doesn't come off. I've tried so hard but can't lose a lb so just given up and try to maintain what I do have instead.

    I now try to stick to a smoothie for breakfast. A normal lunch then a salad for dinner.. I haven't lost but haven't put on 😊

  • carjam50carjam50 Posts: 3

    im trying to do similar..... love my food and for 50 years have eaten what I want.... it’s sounds daft to say struggling with an extra 7-10lb🙈

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