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Sleep problems

Stephi43Stephi43 Posts: 1

Hi all I’m new here, so I am menopausal and have started the evrol conti patches at the lowest dose, I don’t get hot flushes and my anxiety is now under control thank god. But my sleep is still disturbed I’m okgoing to sleep but I tend to I wake up through night. Is there something natural that can take to help with this. Also have a light fuzzy buzzing noise that’s annoying. Thank you for your help x


  • KazKaz Posts: 475 mod

    Hello @Stephi43

    Welcome! It's nice to have you with us!

    So glad your patches are helping you with your flushes and anxiety. I certainly found that they helped with my sleep too - but that took a bit of time.

    I have had HUGE problems with sleep for a long time, and have only got things on a more even keel the last six months or so. I wrote about it on another post recently - so I'll copy it here for you in case you find something within that might help you.

    The buzzing noise you talk about. Is that in your ears, or a more fuzzy feeling in your head? Tinnitus (ringing in your ears) is of the lesser known symptoms of menopause. My mother in law describes it like having a mosquito constantly buzzing around her head. Does that sound familiar? Perhaps it could be something like that? Might be worth a conversation with your GP at your next review if it's bothering you.

    It's so exhausting if you don't sleep well isn't it? I used to get so stressed about it, and in turn, the more stressed I got, the less I could sleep. It's a vicious circle!

    I had years of only getting two or three hours sleep a night and for that reason I am a firm believer in routine, routine, routine. If I deviate from the routine, then the sleep starts to slip again. Now though, if I have a bad night I try not to obsess about it, because when I stress about it, it turns into two bad nights and three bad nights, etc, etc, etc...

    I go to bed and get up at roughly the same time every day, including weekends.

    My window in the bedroom is always open, so the room is always cool, even in the middle of winter.

    I have an alpaca duvet which helps to regulate the bed temperature ( a pure wool duvet works the same I believe) and a fan and chillow/gel pillow on standby for the hotter months, or the nights when the heat gets to me or I have a headache. There's nothing nicer than putting your head on a cool pillow when you're overheating! On the bedside table I always have water in a flask that keeps it cold for use through the night if I need it.

    I take a magnesium supplement and 5HTP - both have helped regulate my sleep pattern. I had the best results with 5HTP (but you can't use this with anti depressants and you should always check with your GP or a pharmacist before you take anything unfamiliar to you)

    I try not to use my electronic gadgets in the run-up to bed, but since I use a mindfulness app on my iPad to help me drop off, I know I'm not the most successful at that step!

    I always try to read a few pages of my latest book. Like I said - for me, it's all about routine!

    I don't know how you feel about mindfulness? I used to think it was nonsense - but I've been using the Clarity app (designed by one of our experts @Becks_Armstrong) with huge success for getting to sleep and if I wake through the night. It also helps with hot flushes and anxiety! I know it sounds like it shouldn't work, but I use it every night to help me sleep, and I tried the Instacool button when I was having a hot flush one night, and that really worked too! It's drug free - which I also like. You do need to practice a bit - but it's not a huge effort. I tried it, it worked, and I kept going with it! The app is made for menopausal women by women, so may be worth a look for you. If you think it might work for you have a look at the website 


    I try to limit my liquid intake a couple of hours before bedtime so that I only have a couple of loo stops during the night, athough I seem to have fewer loo steps now at I'm on HRT patches!

    If I wake up and can't get back to sleep, I pop the app back on. I find that this is the quickest way to help me drop off again. I'm a huge advocate of mindfulness apps - they've really helped me to deal with anxiety and negative thoughts. It does take a bit of practice, but is really worth the effort. 

    I've tried lots over the years - bananas at bedtime, warm milky drinks, OTC herbal sleep remedies, eye masks, ear plugs, exercise till I'm so physically exhausted I should sleep for a week, antidepressants. Probably other things too I've forgotten about! It's frustrating when think you're doing all you can but you still can't drop off to sleep. 

    I think the biggest change for me was a shift in my attitude. When I relaxed about sleep, instead of analysing how many minutes of sleep I'd had (I threw out the Fitbit!) and I stopped getting upset about it, my sleep started to regulate. I know Ive rambled on a bit, but perhaps there will be something that you havent thought of or tried that might help you. Good luck!

    Hope this helps! 😊

  • Julie20Julie20 Posts: 345 mod

    Hi @Stephi43

    Welcome. Unfortunately sleeping is a huge problem for most of us going through menopause. I used to go to work and do 12 hour shifts on 2 hours sleep. I've now started using a deep sleep meditation app and so far I've never managed to hear the end of it as I'm always out cold until my alarm goes off. Sometimes I think it's just about resetting our brain's to know when it's bedtime and the sleep app will help with that. Make sure your room is always cool and avoid caffeine a couple of hours before bedtime, also have no TV or radio on at bedtime, concentrate on the sleep app and hopefully you will drift off. When I first started it I did a couple of breathing apps first then added the deep sleep one, now I go straight into the sleep app if I need it x

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