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Bit off topic

jules30jules30 Posts: 12

Morning ladies.

Bit off topic but advise needed. I suffer with osteoarthritis quite badly in my hips and am currently going through a flare up. I usually find light exercise helps but this time around I'm finding even walking is making the pain worse and I'm constantly having to take pain killers just to live about..

Any advise anyone can give me would be great x


  • LanieTMLanieTM Posts: 7

    Hi @jules30 have you tried glucosamine and chondroitin supplements? Lots of people swear by it. Also have you thought about turmeric? Turmeric is great for inflammation. I make turmeric bombs (Google it!) for my dog who has bad arthritis, it's all human grade I've taken them myself. Its helped her so much. If you want my recipe just let me know x

  • jules30jules30 Posts: 12

    Hi @LanieTM

    Thanks for your reply. I do have turmeric tablets but they give me really bad heartburn lol. Not tried glucosamine tablets so may be I should try those. Can you give me the recipe please. That may work better than the tablets.

    Thank you x

  • LanieTMLanieTM Posts: 7

    Hi @jules30 I've attached the recipe. The quercetin you can buy on Amazon. Good luck.

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