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It’s not all about hot flashes

MaryMary Posts: 14

There are far more distressing symptoms out there - please start talking about the women who suffer from atrophy in its most severe form - wake up and smell the coffee!!!! Please give more advice regarding this subject which still seems to be pushed to the back of the queue in discussions - and experts you should lead the way!!!😕



  • KazKaz Posts: 476 mod

    Hello @Mary

    Nice to see you here again.

    I can hear how frustrated you are, and I can understand that. Discussions about menopause ARE beginning to happen - but I guess we're a long way off it being freely talked about, and I agree, for women who suffer with severe symptoms like VA, it probably feels like you and your symptoms are overlooked or forgotten.

    Did you manage to get anywhere with the suggestions offered previously? Any luck with a menopause clinic?

    I've discovered that Jane Lewis, the author of the book I suggested for you, also has her own website and Facebook page. I'm in the middle of reading the book again - I think it's full of helpful information for women with VA and hopefully it will also help educate their medical practitioners too. In fact, if you have a vagina, this book should be a must-read! Did you manage to get hold of a copy?

    I've attached a video of Jane talking to Diane Danzebrink about the book, and how it came to be. It's an interesting listen. Diane is a menopause counsellor, who has dealt with her own menopause issues, and she is one of many women making lots of noise and campaigning to raise awareness of the menopause. I fully appreciate your frustration, but there are lots of us trying really hard to raise the profile of menopause and ALL of its symptoms so that when a woman sees her GP or practice nurse she should be able to expect that they can recognise her symptoms and offer factual, evidence based advice upon which she can make an informed decision.

    I hope it's some kind of comfort that things are changing, even if it isn't as quickly as we'd all like.

  • MaryMary Posts: 14

    hi Kaz - you are so helpful as ever!!!!!we need more people like u - I have an appointment with my GP on Tuesday and I will check out that book - I was using topical oestrogen cream but started to suffer from severe nausea and headaches so stopped it - nausea now gone - these symptoms were included in the side effects- trust my luck to suffer with side effect thank you for all the advice you pass on - my blood tests (no tests for hormone levels) came back ok which I find very surprising as I lose blood every day in my water and from the vagina xx

  • KazKaz Posts: 476 mod

    That's so annoying for you @Mary !

    I've sat and read that book again this afternoon after reading your post. It's a real eye opener - and I think it would be a good read for any GP. I truly believe if they had a real understanding of the issues that VA causes for women, they'd be more understanding and willing to at least try to find a solution.

    The side effects for your oestrogen cream - are they temporary? I had side effects from my HRT patches, but they resolved after 4 or 5 weeks. I could hang on that long because I was aware before I started that it might happen, so I was prepared. It's a juggling game all the time isn't it? Do you hang on and put up with the nausea and headaches, or do you go back to the pain of atrophy? Not a great choice ☹️

    I'm delighted your bloods were OK - but once again that's frustrating for you, because all you really want are answers to your questions.

    Hopefully some more helpful information for you in Jane's blog attached below!

    I'll be thinking about you on Tuesday! I'd love to know how you get on 😊

  • MaryMary Posts: 14

    hi Kaz - thank you again - you are a very empathetic lady - I will let u know how I get on - I had been using topical cream for about 3 months and I think it was a build up in my system and I was only having side effects later on - as some of the ingredients do enter the blood stream and I xx

  • KazKaz Posts: 476 mod
    edited June 2019

    Hello @Mary

    Just to offer you some encouragement.

    This was released this weekend. I hope you take comfort from the fact that women ARE talking about VA 😊❤️

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