Vaginal atrophy and lichen

Hi, new to this site but i'm at my wits end and really looking for some support. Its not something easily discussed with family or friends at its so personal. I'm at a low ebb because I lost both parents recently but this is causing me so much distress. I've tried every over the counter treatment and eventually things were so bad I'm unable to be intimate at all. The discomfort during and after intimacy is so bad sitting down is uncomfortable, its like sandpaper has been used - awful and I've never felt more isolated and unfeminine.  I have small lichen patches on the perineaum which are also sore and the Dr has prescribed a steroid cream which needs to be used for at least a month to see if it works. She has also referred me to a gynacologist as my symptoms are so severe. Estradiol has had no effect whatsoever and I just wondered if anyone has had a similar situation with a positive outcome. thank you very much in advance x  


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