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Hot Beauty Skincare Giveaway - Worth Over £69!

To celebrate the launch of Jennifer Young's new Hot Beauty luxury menopause skincare range, we're giving away 3 GIFT SETS of Hot Beauty products - each worth over £69!

Jennifer Young's Hot Beauty skincare range is designed specifically to help skin as it goes through and recovers from the hormonal changes of menopause. Everything in the Hot Beauty range is made with natural, organic ingredients, with essential oil blends especially developed to uplift or relax.

We'll be giving away one each of the following:
· Hot Beauty Body Oil Collection - Worth £89.99
· Hot Beauty Uplift Morning Collection - Worth £69.99
· Hot Beauty Relaxing Night Collection - Worth £69.99

To enter, simply join our Community forum and post your top tip for getting through the menopause on this thread!
We'll pick a winner at random on Monday 3rd December. 


  • Keep exercising even if it’s really hard to make yourself. Even a walk twice a day or a YouTube exercise vid. Helps with the happy hormones and the (amount of) weight gain 
  • To thrive through the menopause, really find what feels good. Simply deep breathing really helps so many aspects of symptoms. 
  • JuJu23JuJu23 Posts: 22 ✭✭
    Try to eat every 3 hours to keep blood sugars stable it helps with fatigue mood and stops you reaching for sugary snacks! 
  • Drink water, walk at least ten mins a day and eat healthily.  
  • DizziLadyDizziLady Posts: 7
    Keep cool and comfortable by.wearing natural cotton and silk. Wear natural fibres in bed too as they help disperse the heat away from the skin

  • I bought a remote control electric fan (not the tower type) and have it facing me at the end of the bed. I keep the remote control on my bedside table & familiarised myself with it so that I can quickly & easily turn it on & set the timer in the dark - it’s been invaluable.
    i have also replaced my hot bedtime drink with an ice lolly (not the ice cream on a stick type!) which also helps a little & seems to work better for me than either hot or cold drinks
  • MtpauseMtpause Posts: 1
    I have no idea as I have just been diagnosed I think winning this hot beauty skin will help..
  • AwesomeOAwesomeO Posts: 1
    My advice is to try and exercise, walking, fresh air, healthy eating and plenty of water. And, if you are having a bad day, it's ok....talk about how you are feeling, you are not on your own. I find yoga really helps me, for my mind and body.
  • Polly86Polly86 Posts: 1
    I found a huge difference with night sweats when I changed to wool bedding. I have a topper, pillows and duvet that are made with British wool. No more waking up soaking in sweat. Also yoga helps the mind
  • HotKateHotKate Posts: 1
    I try a number of things to bring balance. 1 Bladderwrack supplement, 2 combo iron & vit c and 3 magnesium.
    All seem to assist with energy and hormone fluctuation.
    Help provide me with greater vitality and balance.
    Exercise to keep happy hormones releasing in brain and combat weight gain. 
    Mindful eating, being aware of calorie consumption, regular eating habits, plenty of water and alcohol restriction.
    I use aromatherapy to bring clarity and joy, essential oils massaged on pulse points.
    I have a Neals Yard essential oil sad clock, I awake to refreshing sunlight and grapefruit providing zing to my morn. Lavender at night to assist with sleep. I also have salt lamp in bedroom and tv room on in evening lightens the air, has helped stabilise my sleeping and no long wake with hot and sweaty. 40 winks hot chocolate with b complex vits if I do wake during the night.
  • RoseBuddRoseBudd Posts: 1
    I went to see Paul McKenna. I listen to his trances on confidence, stress, how to sleep better etc and I read his books and do the exercises in them. My headaches, palpitations, anxiety and extreme stress have diminished and my hot flashes have become much lighter and shorter. It's amazing... 
  • AppleshapedAppleshaped Posts: 7
    Never give up!
  • Wow! Thank you so much everyone, these tips are all absolute gold dust <3 

    We put all your names into a hat and the winner of this giveaway is..... @JuJu23  We'll be in touch to arrange sending you the freebies, JuJu - congrats!

    Thanks again to everybody who shared their tips - your tips were so helpful, we've decided to do another freebie giveaway very soon, so stay tuned for the next one! 

  • Bonus round! 

    Guess who forgot we had THREE prizes for this giveaway 😅🤦‍♀️ I don't even have the menopause as an excuse for the brain fog! 

    Without further ado, the other two winners of the gift sets are:

    @TheLondoners and @DizziLady

    Please send your postal addresses to me in an email at [email protected] - and we'll do our best to post them out to you in time for Christmas!

    Congrats and best wishes to you all xx

  • DizziLadyDizziLady Posts: 7
    I never win! Thought my age meant I was just going to have crocodile skin! Maybe my luck has changed!!!
  • KazKaz Posts: 475 mod
    DizziLady said:
    I never win! Thought my age meant I was just going to have crocodile skin! Maybe my luck has changed!!!
    Congratulations DizziLady  :):):)
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