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Endometrial Hyperplasia

JenopawsJenopaws Posts: 2


I started Perimenopause at about 42 yrs old and and now 51. 5 years ago symptons got worse so I have had hrt in various forms to try and get on top of many severe symptons. As I have had hrt I don't know if I have naturally stopped my petiods. I did have an ablation also 3 years ago which helped but didnt stop my monthly. They have eased ovr the last year so I am unsure if the hrt is inducing the monthly I do have. Last 6 weeks I havd had 3 heavier bleeds. Doc sent me for a scan and it showed up thickening of the Uterus. I have now had a Hysterosvopy which showed no Fubroids or Polyps. Waiting for Biopsies to come back. The advice on my paperwork from Hospital states cyclical hrt advised. I am confused as I have researched and it states that woman after 5 years on hrt with hyperplasia should have coninual combined hrt so they are not takjng unapposed Estrogen. I am now waiting for my appointment to go and see my Doctor but I am worried about taking any Estrogen now on its own as I have Hyperplasia. Can anyone offer me advice on what type of hrt I should now be on?


  • KazKaz Posts: 475 mod

    Hello @Jenopaws,


    How frustrating for you! I hope you get your biopsy results quickly so that you're not worrying for a long time and I'm glad they've been able to rule out fibroids and polyps already.

    I've been scratching my head about this one all day and I've been having a look around but I can't find anything useful to help you.😔

    I found similar information to you, but there weren't any specialist helplines or websites that I could find that might offer you some advice. I'm sure you've searched high and low too!

    Do you have any idea when your appointment might be? Is it with a hospital doctor/specialist or with your GP?

    I wonder if you could speak to your GP by telephone whilst you're waiting and ask which HRT treatment is the right one to be taking. I guess that would be better than worrying until your appointment? I have a small local pharmacist, and I'm always asking her questions. That might be an another option for you.

    I wish I had something I could offer to help you. Perhaps there will be one of our ladies with experience of this?

    I'd love to know if you manage to find an answer.

    Good luck with everything ☺️

  • JenopawsJenopaws Posts: 2

    Hi Kaz

    Thank you for the reply. Although I know all women go through this, it is a bit lonely dealing with it. I do have a phone appointment which is only a week away and my Doctor is great her specialism is Gynaecology so I feel lucky for that and yeah hopefully the biopsies come back quickly, waiting doesn't help Anxiety. I saw the advice about switching to combined conti hrt on the NHS Wiltshire hrt treatment flow chart and that why I am confused about the Hospital adivce. I am just hoping my Doctor feels the same as me as the thought of not being able to take hrt for my symptoms is a daunting propsect. Thank you for the reply it feels less lonely to be able to chat about the menopause.

  • KazKaz Posts: 475 mod

    I know just what you mean @Jenopaws! We might not know all the answers, but the fact we have somewhere to talk about, worry about and share with other women without feeling self conscious or daft is very empowering, and yes, takes away some of the loneliness.

    A week isn't too long to wait thankfully. Try and make sure you have your list of questions ready so that you don't forget anything!

    I'll have my fingers and toes crossed for you - hope it's the best result, and you get your mind put at ready as far as your HRT treatment goes ♥️

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