Disorientation and unsteadiness

Hi all

I'm new to this group and would be grateful for some support.

Since November 2018, I have been experiencing bouts of dizziness, almost as though I'm drunk but not in a good way 😊 Does anyone else experience this. If so, how do you manage it?

I'm 43 but have been perimenopausal since I was 36.



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    Hello @Bevlar

    I used to get this - and at the time I was never sure if it was a symptom of the menopause or the migraines I suffer from. It was awful! I now know that dizziness and vertigo like symptoms (as you say like being drunk but not in a good way!) can be less common side effects of the menopause. Unfortunately, when I researched it to try and improve things, the things suggested to treat it involved

    staying hydrated (more fluids meant more loo stops in the night!)

    getting plenty of sleep (I couldn't - I was menopausal!)

    sit or lie down when it strikes (I didn't really have a choice with this!)

    Don't skip meals (this certainly wasn't an issue 😳)

    Warm showers (I just didn't understand this one!)

    I was advised to take antihistamines and this did work for a bit. I wore travel sickness bands for a while too! My migraine medication had an anti sickness element to it, and this seemed to help, but I didn't want to take this frequently, and by the time the dizziness appeared, it was too generally too late to if that makes sense? The GP also advised that they could prescribe an anti sickness medication but I didn't try this.

    I am now on HRT, and I no longer have the dizzy spells!

    What have you tried? 😊

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    Hi @Bevlar

    Welcome to this wonderful group. It sounds like you have vertigo. Has your GP ever suggested this to you ? It may be worth another visit to the GP and mentioning this. The problem with some GP's now is that they are set in their ways and you have to go in and tell them what it is that you think you have, it then seems to switch a light on in their heads so to speak.

    Vertigo is horrible and can feel very much as if you are drunk and muzzy headed.

    Good luck x

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