Brain fog

jules30jules30 Posts: 11

I'm having major brain fog today. Trying to be professional at work but making so many mistakes.

What do you all take to help this and does it work ?



  • Nursesally91Nursesally91 Posts: 16

    I’m on HRT post surgical menopause and I was dreadful but I can say HRT as helped 50% but would still like 90% if there’s such a thing in menopause before age related memory loss kicks inso if there is anything else out there I would also like to here 🙏🙏

  • jules30jules30 Posts: 11

    I can't take HRT at the moment so I'm really struggling. This is the first day I've really suffered and it's panicking me a bit as I feel totally useless.

  • KazKaz Posts: 482 mod

    Hey @jules30 ,

    Do you think you feel it more because you’ve had a few days off work?

    I used to get really horrible brain fog, and was then told I was B12 deficient. I haven’t been so bad since I started a daily B12 tablet.

    Maybe worth a thought? 😊

  • jules30jules30 Posts: 11

    I really don't know. Yesterday at work was fine but today it's been a nightmare. I've written patient notes in wrong patient files. Forgotten what I'm doing. Can't think of words. It's been a joke. I've also cut out sugar and have felt quite shaky today so not sure if that's connected.

  • KazKaz Posts: 482 mod

    I was thinking about you last night.

    When you were away, did you relax your diet a bit? I know you’ve done really well cutting back on the sugar. I wonder if it’s a bit like me - on holiday I eat all the things I shouldn’t, and drink wine etc. All of which raises all the sugar levels. I wonder if the shakes were a bit of detoxing after your holidays?

    Hope today has been better 😊

  • MerrithoMeno1MerrithoMeno1 Posts: 1

    So I have brain fog so bad, was at an intersection Im not super familiar with, and was on wrong side of median, had to adjust.... Luckily nobody hit me with a car full of kids!!! Truly my worst experience on road as menopausal chick.

  • IssyQIssyQ Posts: 7

    I empathise with the brain fog my levels of concentration are not good. Any chatter in the office and I am totally lost. I am hoping that HRT will help and will try B12 as suggested.

    All the best in finding what works for you.

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