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Itchy skin

Debbie65Debbie65 Posts: 3

Hi, new to this 😃

i was wondering if anyone gets insane itching? It doesn’t really bother me during the day but when night time arrives and in bed the itching starts!

Its either one shoulder or both, I’m currently taking telfast 180mg (antihistamine) it’s driving me to absolute despair 😩

I've read that taking omega 3 supplements may help, as anyone found anything that helps?


  • KazKaz Posts: 475 mod

    Hello @Debbie65 ,

    Welcome along!

    Itching drives you insane doesn’t it? I wonder why it always seems worse at night?

    I was going to suggest an antihistamine - but you’re already doing that! Was that prescribed for the itching?

    Have you tried any creams or lotion? Perhaps Aloe Vera gel (keep it in the fridge so that it’s cool!) or Lanacane Anti Itch?

    Its my shins that drive me mad, but the cool Aloe Vera and the antihistamine combined seems to keep it in check. I’ve also resorted to cool damp face clothes when I’ve scratched myself to bits.

    Perhaps someone else will have other ideas.

    Hope you find something that works for you 😊

  • Debbie65Debbie65 Posts: 3

    Hi, I’ve been prescribed cortisone cream that I keep in the fridge which doesn’t work lol.

    The itching woke me up at 12.30, so downstairs I went and sat with an ice pack on my shoulder for 20 minutes. It works great but the coldness soon wakes you up!

    Its it’s driving me mad and been like this for over a year and half on and off.

  • KazKaz Posts: 475 mod

    What a nightmare for you!

    Have you any idea what causes it? Allergies? Soap powders? Pets? Food?

    I'm scratching just thinking about it! My skin has definitely changed over the last few years - can be dry and flaky, and that's when the itching starts. Attractive huh?!

    I'll put my thinking cap on and give you a shout if I can think of anything else 😊

  • Debbie65Debbie65 Posts: 3

    Nope! Not changed a thing.

    And if I find anything out I’ll certainly let you know 😃 xx

  • TabassumTabassum Posts: 1

    I have itching in the head and the arms and stomach drives me mad!

    I was told drink plenty of water just a question can you start hrt patches anytime I haven't had a period for 8 months

  • Jan_AnnJan_Ann Posts: 1

    My arms itching and I scratch til they bleed.

    Taking antihistamines and use creams but nothing works.

    Alcohol and Sun make the itching worse.

    Reduced to tears some nights

  • KazKaz Posts: 475 mod

    Hi @Jan_Ann ,

    It's horrible isn't it?

    Have you tried Aloe Vera Gel - I used that to treat the kids chicken pox after a doctor told me that was better, and helped the itch, more than calamine lotion. I used to keep it in the fridge. Definitely worked for the children. Maybe it would work for the hormone itch too? 😊

  • JulieDeniseJulieDenise Posts: 1

    I’m also new to this! I’ve been at my wits end not knowing what to do with my self! I too have itchy skin. I have aches and pains . I sweat and I even think my body odour is different. So glad I found this site as it seems most of the women I’ve confided in and ask about their experience during the menopause appear to have one or two minor symptoms! I’ve had the loads and itchy legs and aches are my worst!

  • KazKaz Posts: 475 mod

    Welcome @JulieDenise

    It's such a relief to find other women who understand what you're going through isn't it?

    We're glad you've found us - if you need any help, or just want to chat, go right ahead! 😊

  • Jo_joEyreJo_joEyre Posts: 2
    Hi everyone, also new here. I'm going absolutely mad with itchy back, shoulders & underarms. It's awful, can't even wear a bra sometimes 🙄 hope someone can give me some advice. Also no rash & I moisturise all the time. Although I'm going to try the aloe Vera gel in the fridge 😊
  • KazKaz Posts: 475 mod
    Hi @Jo_joEyre
    Welcome to you! 
    Aloe Vera gel out of the fridge sounds amazing in this heat we're having!
    And a decent anti histamine should also help.
    If that doesn't work, and it's driving you mad, it might be time to speak to your GP for some help 😊
  • Jo_joEyreJo_joEyre Posts: 2
    Thanks kaz I do use the aloe Vera on hols & it good stuff. So going to try that first 👍
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