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Palpitations/Heart Flutters

FlorentenaFlorentena Posts: 5

Hi, I’m 65 and 6 years into menopause and still getting hot flushes and night-sweats. My worst symptom however is palpitations/flutterings . I’ve worn a monitor three times and had four ecg’s and nothing has shown up. I never go a whole month without getting them. I’m not on HRT or any other medication. I’ve taken magnesium and cut out coffee etc. I haven’t come across anyone else who gets them as bad as me. My question is - is this normal?



  • Hi. Florentine. I started getting heart palpitations the first week of April! Intermittent and quite frightening. On the days that I had an EKG and ECHO it decided not to surface it's ugly head. The palpitations started again 2 days ago. My PCP says it's menopause related. What a dumber! Sweets tent to exacerbate it. I'm desperate for permanent relief.


  • FlorentenaFlorentena Posts: 5

    Hi Shaywhitejoseph, thanks for replying. Unfortunately I have had the palpitations on and off for 6 years. I started the menopause at 59 and they are by far my worst symptom. I tried HRT but it wasn’t for me. I’ve tried lots of other herbal preparations but nothing really helps.

    Sorry to hear you suffer with them.😕

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