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Maryon_StewartMaryon_Stewart Posts: 36 Menopause Expert
Renowned women's health expert Maryon Stewart joins the community to share her expert advice!

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I am Maryon Stewart, a healthcare expert who is often referred to as the Pioneer of the Natural Menopause Movement.
Over the last 27 years, I have helped hundreds of thousands of women around the world overcome PMS and menopause symptoms, reclaiming their wellbeing.  
Using my years of knowledge and expertise, I coach women in understanding the information, tools and techniques needed to get well, to the point that they are completely symptom-free.
I now help women through one-on-one virtual consultations all over the world. In summer of 2017, by demand from the Facebook Group members, I launched my six week virtual Boot Camp, a live online learning initiative, based on my successful five month programme.  The Boot Camp has become a huge success in the UK, helping women to overcome symptoms, reclaim their wellbeing and turning women’s lives around in a matter of six weeks.
I believe passionately that all women should be able to reclaim their wellbeing at menopause.  My goal is to help all women go from being a slave to their hormones to feeling better than they can ever remember no matter what their circumstances improve their, quality of life and relationships.
I have written 27 popular self-help books, co-authored a series of medical papers, written regular columns for numerous daily newspapers and magazines, and had my own TV and radio shows.  I write regularly for the Daily Mail.

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  • bec1_bec1_ Posts: 3

    My weight in getting out of control, I eat fairly healthy, I do struggle a bit with portion sizes but is there anything else I can do? I've tried numerous diet's with no effect, I'm looking for people that are struggling like me as it's getting me down 😞

  • Dragon1Dragon1 Posts: 1

    I am suffering with hot flushes and no sleep 🙁

  • Val1961Val1961 Posts: 2

    Hi. I am 57, vegetarian and haven't had a period in 31 months. I take many supplements and am now wondering If I need to take as many as I do. I would like to reduce what I take for various reasons. Firstly, I find swallowing tablets difficult and time consuming (I also take some in liquid form), secondly, it is very expensive and thirdly, I am unsure if I need them all.

    At present I take :

    1. High strength soya isoflavones.
    2. 375mg magnesium
    3. 750mg MSM
    4. 1000mg evening primrose
    5. 1000mg Vitamin c
    6. 100mg Vitamin B6
    7. 1000ug Vitamin B12
    8. 4500mg Ashwagandha
    9. Acidophilus with Bifidus Probiotic
    10. Omega 7 Sea Buckthorn oil
    11. Spatone liquid iron
    12. 200ug Chromium Picolinate
    13. Vitamin D spray

    The question is how do I reduce my intake of supplements and is anything I am taking counteracting another element of my regime ?

    Thanks in advance.

  • KazKaz Posts: 475 mod

    Hello @Val1961

    What a great question! I know just what you mean, so I'm interested to hear what @Maryon_Stewart can advise. I take supplements too - and I wonder if I need to continue with all of them now that I'm finally taking HRT. I'm loathe to stop any of them in case that "one" is the one keeping my symptoms at bay! 😊

  • Karen1717Karen1717 Posts: 1

    Hi there,

    Am in the perimenopsual stage although not had a period for 2 months now.

    Am struggling with hot flushes, severe lack of energy, dizzy spells & foggy head.

    Am taking Biotin, Magnesium (convinced this stops the dizzy spells) Vitamin B complex. Have tried Menoface for hot flushes but no difference noted.

    Am cutting out sugar, slow process but working on it & more exercise but would like to ask, what else can I do to help myself.

    All words of wisdom, most gratefully received.

  • Hi I'm almost 55 and don't appear to be having any symptoms of menopause really. In 2013 I had a couple of weird spells and after blood tests confirmed I was peri-menopausal the gynaecologist said they were episodes of menopausal disequilibrium. I had 3 episodes during 2013 and since then nothing. Am I having a late onset menopause ? I can't ask my Mother she had a hysterectomy at 46. I take B6, Magnesium, blackcurrant seed oil and a menopause supplement, eat plenty of nuts and seeds, and am mainly vegetarian. I run 3 times a week and get over 10,000 steps in daily due to my job and not owning a car. Do I need to be worried or should I just wait and it'll get to me ? Grateful for some advice.

  • LindyLindy Posts: 1

    Hello answer to bec1 i have weight issues due to menopause,as i have chronic illness and it is hard to motivate myself into diet ,i feel as if my body just aged in past 12 months.I am a founder of women's centre and we have regular chats about menopause so we are starting a regular group to support each other.I am going to have a diet specialist come in to deliver a workshop , so if i get any answers will keep you posted.It is horrible getting to a stage in your life still battling with our bodies and what we can or not put into them,but never mind this is all about being a women i suppose.Take care

  • Maryon_StewartMaryon_Stewart Posts: 36 Menopause Expert

    Dear @bec1_

    I know that must be very frustrating. If it’s any consolation it's not uncommon for women to struggle with their weight as they age for our metabolic rate slows down, that’s the rate at which our body ticks over. Plus, key nutrients including chromium, magnesium and B vitamins are in short supply which are all necessary for normal blood glucose levels. We are only born with 1/16th ounce of chromium and it gets less as we get older, magnesium is the most common deficiency in women and B vitamins are often in short supply. Taking a supplement like Chromium Complex which contains all of those important nutrients as well as a little zinc and vitamin C will help to normalise your levels and hopefully curb your appetite. I usually recommend women take one a day for a couple of months. In the meantime, I would suggest you make smaller meals and perhaps have a wholesome snack mid morning and mid afternoon if you are hungry, particularly in what would have been your premenstrual phase, as your calorie requirements increase at that time. Women on my programme generally lose weight without dieting once they get their nutrients into an optimum range. I hope this helps. If you would like some personal help feel free to get in touch with [email protected].

  • stephslcstephslc Posts: 2

    In 1999 I started taking Black Cohosh - 1 capsule 540 mg per day, which immediately relieved migraines and reset my cycles. Two weeks ago (3/15/2019) Suddenly hot flashes all night and night sweats. Stopped the Black Cohosh which lessened the intensity of both, BUT still uncomfortable. I started Evening Primrose 500mg before bed. I sleep at least 6 hours straight before I wake from milder night sweats and hot flashes. That is a huge improvement, but not great yet. Suggestions on additional supplements? The hot is not really a flash, more like an ongoing discomfort that begins an hour after I wake up.

  • stephslcstephslc Posts: 2

    Last night I took a sixteenth of a teaspoon of black cohosh (dumped out the capsules) with the evening primrose and again this morning. This made life bearable and I didn't feel overwhelmingly hot all day. I also chose a multivitamin with supplemental herbs to start.

  • GPteddyGPteddy Posts: 1

    I am 50 years old and have been experiencing menopausal symptoms for the last 3 years - I went to my GP around 18 months ago explaining my symptoms etc., but because I had a partial hysterectomy, (still have ovaries) 7 years ago, the first question asked is when was your last period, which isn’t helpful when you’ve had a hysterectomy! I asked if I could be sent for a blood test but the GP refused as she said they are not accurate. She then gave me a prescription for anti-depressants which I never took and have not gone back since, this was August 2017. I definitely believe I am either peri-menopausal or menopausal but I would like a definitive answer as I feel a bit in limbo. Once I know for sure what’s happening to me I can then make a decision on treatments but my preference would be to try alternative therapies. Any advice and help would be gratefully received as I am thinking of paying for a private blood test.

  • Val1961Val1961 Posts: 2

    Hi Kaz. My sentiments exactly ! What do I stop ? What has the most and best effect ? I have never taken HRT. I am always frightened of stopping something and the symptoms worsen.

  • cazita1cazita1 Posts: 2

    Good morning,

    I have just decided to come off HRT and, although, 69, I am now experiencing hot flushes during the day and at nighttime. I always felt extremely well on HRT but now feel tired as my sleep is disturbed.

    I have been taking Femmetrinol, which does help marginally.

    I have just received your day and night time spray - so hopefully this will help.

    Any more suggestions.

  • Maryon_StewartMaryon_Stewart Posts: 36 Menopause Expert


    When oestrogen levels fall at the time of menopause the oestrogen receptors within our cells remain empty.  One hundred years ago, when we weren’t living much past 50 it didn’t matter. Now that fifty is more like the half-way mark for many, we have to work out how to meet the needs of the oestrogen receptors, not just to control menopause symptoms, but also to future proof our health in the longer term.  In an attempt to kick the ovaries into function the brain sends thermal surges that we know as hot flushes and night sweats and this is often why we suffer from sleeplessness as we are jolted awake several times a night. On the successful programme I have been running to help women overcome their symptoms naturally for over 27 years I teach how to consume foods rich in Mother Nature’s oestrogen to fool the brain into thinking there is once again normal circulating oestrogen. Standardised and well researched supplements like Promensil and Femmennessence Macapause also help to normalise hormone function in the body.  If you would like to know more about how to overcome your symptoms you are welcome to attend one of my virtual classes.  Here is the link https://maryonstewart.com/virtualclass

  • Maryon_StewartMaryon_Stewart Posts: 36 Menopause Expert

    Hi Val

    That’s a long list of supplements to swallow but it’s difficult for me to determine whether you need them all without knowing much more about your medical history, your symptoms and your diet.  It’s very possible that you can reduce the list of products that you are taking and instead focus on what you really need. If you want a personalised supplement programme I would be happy to help but you would need a personal consultation to determine that.  If you would like to book a Discovery call with me so that we can discuss your personal situation please get in touch with [email protected].  It is important to learn how to future proof your health post menopause as it helps us to reduce our risk of osteoporosis, the bone thinning disease, dementia and heart disease.

  • Maryon_StewartMaryon_Stewart Posts: 36 Menopause Expert

    Hi Karen

    It sounds like you have made a good start.  All the symptoms you mention are very common at the time of the perimenopause.  We found magnesium to be one of the commonest deficiencies in our research. There are supplements that have been through clinical trials and those that are standardised which are more likely to help you.  Having said that there are many dietary and lifestyle adjustments that have also been shown to help control symptoms. This short film might be a good place to begin. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eOFBHw79m2Y

    You are welcome to attend my virtual class where I explain in detail about what’s going on in your body and how to correct it. https://maryonstewart.com/virttualclass. In the meantime, you could try taking Fema45+ to help boost your nutrient levels and Promensil to help to boost your oestrogen levels naturally.

  • Maryon_StewartMaryon_Stewart Posts: 36 Menopause Expert

    Hi Angela

    It is estimated that 20% of women go through menopause without any symptoms, and you may just be one of those lucky women.  It sounds like you are postmenopausal which means you need to learn how to prevent conditions that we are more predisposed to when we no longer have circulating oestrogen after menopause.  Consuming naturally occurring oestrogen in your diet, ensuring you have plenty of good nutrients and taking a few key supplements will help you to achieve this. Magnesium is good as that’s a common deficiency.  However, there is no research on either Vitamin B6 or Blackcurrant Seed Oil for menopause. You would be better off taking a supplement like Femmenessence Macalife and a good strong multivitamin and mineral supplement like Fema45+.

  • Maryon_StewartMaryon_Stewart Posts: 36 Menopause Expert

    Hi Lindy

    Thanks for your message to @bec1_.  I am sorry to hear that you are suffering and that you have created a group for women needing help with menopause.  I regularly deliver virtual classes and would be happy to beam into your room via Zoom to explain what underlies these symptoms and how you can overcome them.  I have been helping women to reclaim their wellbeing for over 27 years and would be very happy to share my wisdom. In the meantime if anyone wants to listen to one of my presentations they can access it on this link https://maryonstewart.com/virtualclass

  • Maryon_StewartMaryon_Stewart Posts: 36 Menopause Expert

    Hi Steph

    Whilst Black Cohosh suits some women at the time of the menopause, it doesn’t always work for everyone.  There are key things you need to address to overcome the hot flushes and night sweats. First, you need to ensure that your nutrient levels are in a good range – very often many nutrients are in a low range by the time we get to midlife, particularly if we have had children and led a stressful existence. Next you need to consume naturally occuring oestrogen regularly so that you keep the recptor sites satisfies and this fools the brain into thinking you have normal circulating levels of oestrogen. In addition, formal relaxation helps to reduce hot flushes and night sweats.  Supplements like Promensil and Femenessence Macapause are amongst the well researched products that have been shown to hot flushes and nightsweats as well as being safe to take. Sadly, there is no research for Evening Primrose Oil and menopause.

  • Maryon_StewartMaryon_Stewart Posts: 36 Menopause Expert

    Hi @GPteddy I’m sorry to hear you tail of woe. Sadly, I hear stories like this all the time. You could take an FSH test, it’s a dip stick test which measures your follicle stimulating hormones but regardless of the result, with your history you need learn to meet the needs of your body to avoid symptoms and protect yourself against bone loss, heart disease and dementia in the long term. There are so many pitfalls from midlife onwards, but mostly they can be prevented with a little knowledge. Why not come to one of my virtual sessions to find out about the changes in the body at this lifestage and how you can future proof your health. I would be happy to advise you. The class is completely free. Here is the link https://maryonstewart.com/virtualclass. If you would like some personal help feel free too get in touch with my assistant

    [email protected]

  • Maryon_StewartMaryon_Stewart Posts: 36 Menopause Expert

    Hi @Kaz and @Val1961

    It’s so hard to advise you with such little knowledge about your symptoms and history.  You have the option to help yourself to a little more knowledge by coming to one of my virtual classes and I also have a 6-week virtual Boot Camp where I work with women intensively to help them devise the right kind of programme to help them overcome their symptoms and reclaim their wellbeing.  It’s a very successful initiative and a lot of fun. Here is a link so you can find out more about it https://maryonstewart.com/cruising.  We are all so different so it’s important to get help finding out what is best for your symptoms set in terms of supplements and to be careful to only take those that are standardised and safe. I have a collection that you can view with examples of these.  

  • Maryon_StewartMaryon_Stewart Posts: 36 Menopause Expert

    I never suggest women come off HRT suddenly as it can make hot flushes and night sweats even worse.  I usually get women established on a natural programme and then gradually wean them off the HRT in conjunction with their doctor.  Having said that, if you have already stopped completely I would suggest you quickly get established on an alternative programme. My programme consists of making dietary changes, taking regular relaxation as well as supplements that help to control symptoms.  I run a 6-week virtual Boot Camp and have a starter kit for women which contains a selection of science based supplements. It would be a good idea to opt for something like this to get started.  If you would like some personal help I would be happy to advise you. Feel free to email [email protected] to organise a time for us to speak.

  • I am currently experiencing intermittent heart palpitations as one of my menopausal symptoms. Would the supplements listed help with this?

  • LisaK67LisaK67 Posts: 1

    Oh my goodness, when will this end! Ive been peri-menopausal for about 8 years or so. I’ve had all the symptoms along the way but my main problem is spots, I have more now than when I was an a teenager! Also, my periods are very, very erratic and seem a lot heavier at times which I’ve never really suffered with. Oh the joys of being a woman!

  • CaroleHCaroleH Posts: 1

    Hi, I am currently taking HRT but would like to find a natural alternative due to the health risks! I also have an under active thyroid so unsure how some supplements would react with that! I am currently taking Vitamin D, vitamin B complex, and sea buckthorn, and turmeric, optibac a probiotic. I seem to have low energy, Brain fog, dry skin, and not much enthusiasm for anything at the class moment. Can you recommend any natural medication and supplements that wouldn’t interfere with the thyroxine?



  • Jane1059Jane1059 Posts: 1


    I suffer from health anxiety and am perimenopausal.

    I take Citalopram and also beta blockers for migraines that have started over the past 18 months. Oh and the weight gain!

    Any suuplements that I can take safely with these meds?

  • MarienichollsMarienicholls Posts: 6

    Hi I suffer from mental health issues and am on a few prescription pills ie oral morphine due to a motorcycle accident last year I am also on pregablin . Fluoxetine dihydrocodeine to name but a few I am also perimenopausal and I would like to try a supplement called Menopause Support and I would like to know if this is safe to take with my Dr's medication thank you

  • FlorentenaFlorentena Posts: 5

    Hi, can any Professional give me their opinion PLEASE?

    I am 65 years old and post menopausal for 6 years. One of my menopausal symptoms is palpitations/flutters. They come on randomly during the night, early morning, after tea...whenever. Sometimes I can go a week or so without them and I’m getting them more often the last last couple of years. I’ve had a few ecg’s and worn a 24 hour and 48 hour monitor and nothing has shown up. I’m not on HRT and the Doctor advised me not to go on it at my age.

    I am vegetarian and eat a healthy diet, I drink lots of water and only have one glass of wine with my evening meal. I exercise and walk most days. 

    The flutters/palpitations woke me this morning at 1.30am and were on and off all night preventing me from sleeping, and I get so gee’d up with them I need to go to the loo lots. I eventually took a beta blocker. 

    My friends who never experienced this with Menopause say it’s abnormal to have flutters/palpitations still ongoing - which gives me great concern. Can someone please reassure me it isn’t anything to worry about and is still hormonal. I had a thyroid test done two weeks ago and it came back as normal. Apart from this I have night-sweats and day flushes but lots of energy and don’t feel poorly. 

    Looking forward to hearing from anyone. 🙏🏽

  • Kaka2837Kaka2837 Posts: 2
    I was diagnosed at 43yrs with stage 1 hormone reactive breast cancer five years ago and have just come off tamoxifen. I have the usual menopausal symptoms and was going to try macalife supplements. Would you know if this is advisable with having a previous breast cancer? 
  • Genejeanie13Genejeanie13 Posts: 3

    Hi, I am almost 62 years old and suffer with vaginal atrophy. A month ago I started taking Plantapol Omega 7 Sea buckthorn capsules, one twice a day. The vaginal atrophy is much better, my skin and hair look much better the only thing that seems "bad" about taking the capsules is my hot flushes have returned! I wondered if anyone else had suffered the same results on Omega 7? Maybe I need to change the dose or brand? Any help would be greatly appreciated as I really don't want to stop taking them now I've got my "mojo" back!.

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