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Nicki_WilliamsNicki_Williams Posts: 36 Menopause Expert

Get practical advice on nutrition during the menopause - including supplements to manage your symptoms.

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About Nicki

Nicki is an award-winning nutritionist, author, speaker and women’s health expert. After failing to find any medical help for her health issues herself in her early 40’s, Nicki discovered that she could turn things around using diet, lifestyle and natural supplements.

She is the founder of Happy Hormones for Life, educating, inspiring, empowering and providing the missing support for women over 40 to sail through peri-menopause and beyond and feel better than ever!

She has recently published her first book;  It’s not you, it’s your hormones; The essential guide for women over 40 to fight fat, fatigue and hormone havoc.

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  • KazKaz Posts: 475 mod
    edited March 2019

    Hello Nicki,

    It's great to have you back in the forum again.

    I'm just popping up to say a massive thank you.

    Last time you were here, you gave me some great information regarding migraines and HRT, and armed with that knowledge, I went to my GP and had a full and frank conversation ☺️

    The result is that I'm on week 8 of HRT patches - and my life is fairly transformed. Still a few tweaks to make to get on top of all of the symptoms, but armed with the knowledge from the forum and your book, I have also turned my eating habits around and am a stone lighter since you were last here.

    Thank you. After 16 years of struggling with symptoms on my own, I finally feel as if I'm getting my life back, and I hope this encourages other ladies to come forward with their questions. The answers can really make a massive difference! ☺️

  • sheilaesheilae Posts: 27 mod

    Hello there Nicki & welcome to the forum!

    Fantastic feedback from Kaz above re/your advice & some really positive results for her - great!! I for the most part lead an active & healthy lifestyle & try whenever possible to have a good diet & drinks lots of water! My only form of exercise at the moment is walking but it's always a daily brisk 45mins/1 hour!! My weight is in keeping pretty much with my height but my big problem lies with my "jelly-belly"!!! I have tried floor exercises for the stomach area in the past but it remains the very same! Any tips or nutritional advice (maybe there's a food or supplement out there that could flatten my tum a bit that I don't know about??!! that you could give me would be much appreciated.....X

  • Nicki_WilliamsNicki_Williams Posts: 36 Menopause Expert

    Thanks so much Kaz, it's so good to hear that you're finally getting the help you need! Really glad I could help xxx

  • Nicki_WilliamsNicki_Williams Posts: 36 Menopause Expert

    Hi Sheila, thanks for your question. Jelly-belly is certainly a very frustrating but common symptom! Solutions are dependent on what's causing it. It could be any of or a mixture of; stress (obvious or underlying), diet, thyroid, sex hormone imbalance, nutrient deficiencies, toxins, gut health, liver health, etc! So it's impossible to know what's causing yours unfortunately without further investigation. We run amazing tests that give us a lot more clues. If you're interested, let me know and we can set up a call to discuss. x

  • NanNan Posts: 9

    Hi Nikki! Would it be possible to set up a call to discuss what would be a good plan to better my health overall?

    Thank you in advance for your time and expertise 😊

  • Nicki_WilliamsNicki_Williams Posts: 36 Menopause Expert

    Hi Nan, yes of course. I offer a free 30 minute Discovery call to find out more about you and see what your best options are. Just book in here; discoverysession.youcanbook.me

    Look forward to speaking with you soon.

  • SmithjulieSmithjulie Posts: 1

    Hi Nikki, can you tell me why I keep getting water infections, since January I have had 7 different types of antibiotics, I have had blood tests and have been told I have just started the menopause, I am still having periods every 4 to 6 weeks, and I also have adenomosis , which can be very painful, julie

  • Spam21Spam21 Posts: 11

    Hi Nikki. Was just wondering can u suggest the best foods to help u get a full nights sleep. Or to help get cortisol/ stress levels down. I already eat a low fat low sugar diet. Don’t drink coffee or alcohol. Thank you. Would love to try through diet rather than take sleeping tablets .

  • Nicki_WilliamsNicki_Williams Posts: 36 Menopause Expert

    Hi Julie,

    UTI's and cystitis are very common during menopause as oestrogen levels fall and weaken the lining of the bladder and urethra. Unfortunately antibiotics can make it worse in the long term as they encourage bacterial imbalance and inflammation in the gut. Adenomosis is also inflammatory. So its vital that you eat an anti-inflammatory diet, manage stress daily and make sure you have plenty of nutrients. If you'd like us to help you with all that, do book in a free discovery call and I can go through your options; discoverysession.youcanbook.me xx

  • Ange50Ange50 Posts: 1

    Hey Nicki

    So excited to be here. I am 50 soon and been going through menopause since chemo in 2014.

    I was wondering if you make yourself available for functions at all. I have invited 20 of my friends who are all 40 plus to my birthday function on June 29 in Maldon Essex. Everyone is interested in menopause and health.

    We have a function room booked and I just wanted maybe an hour or 2 of your time to educate us. I have told them about your book and are all interested.

    Please let me know if you can do this. If not then please advise me if you know someone else who can.



  • Nicki_WilliamsNicki_Williams Posts: 36 Menopause Expert

    Hi Angelina,

    Thanks so much for your kind invitation. Unfortunately I am already speaking on the 29th June. I have several colleagues who might be free though. What kind of budget do you have? If you let me know I could see who is available?

    Kind regards,

    Nicki x

  • MarienichollsMarienicholls Posts: 6

    Hi Nicki I am perimenopausal I only found out last year I was, on hrt but I stopped taking it as it didn't seem to help I have mental health issues and take a lot of prescription pills ie pregablin fluoxetine also dyhdracodeine and oral morphine for pain due to having a motorcycle accident last year now I am wanting to try a more natural way to help with my symptoms ie hot flushes night sweats mood swings I am taking magnesium wellwoman supplements also omega three and brewers yeast tablets is there anything else that you can recommend I can do ie other supplements and diet advice thank you look forward to hearing from you soon regards Dawn

  • Nicki_WilliamsNicki_Williams Posts: 36 Menopause Expert

    Hi Dawn, thanks for your message and sorry to hear you're struggling. There are lots of ways to manage menopause symptoms naturally- both through diet, supplements and also lifestyle (stress management and exercise). Too much to go into here, but I have a couple of blogs that might help plus lots more info in my book (https://menopause.livebetterwith.com/products/its-not-you-hormones);

    How to eat your way through the menopause; https://happyhormonesforlife.com/eat-way-menopause/

    What Menopause Supplements are Best; https://happyhormonesforlife.com/menopause-supplements/

    Phytoestrogens; https://happyhormonesforlife.com/phytoestrogens/

    Hope that helps, and if you want more personalised help, do let me know and we can get a call arranged with one of my team to discuss our 1-1 options. xx

  • MarienichollsMarienicholls Posts: 6

    Hi Nicki thank you so much for getting back to me and also for your kind words that's OK its not your fault, that's really great news as I am definitely into doing this the natural way I have been trying to eat a healthy diet I am vegetarian so probably don't get as many vitamins as I should I will definitely check out your blogs thank you so much for sending me all the information about these people yes thank you you have been very helpful thank you yes I will most certainly let you know thank you for helping me it's really great to know that there are plenty of other people in the same position who understand what I am going through thanks again for all your help and support kind regards Dawn

  • NanniejoNanniejo Posts: 2

    Hello, i am so sorry but this is going to be more like an essay, so that I can give you some background. I need some help and advice and not at all sure where to go for it, I have always been ruled by my hormones but now that I am approaching 57 with nearly 8 years since my last period I was hoping to be nearing the end of my issues. Spending all my life over weight, mainly over 20 stones going up to a massive 24 stone I decided that if I wanted to see my grandchildren grow up I would have to do something and quick, I discovered the ketogenic diet and must admit after the initial keto flu I have found it quite easy. I have been on this diet for around 5 months. My problem is that I have been experiencing some hormonal issues, fatigue, sickness, aches, and so on, these were becoming increasingly worse and very hard to cope with so went to the dr. He did loads of blood tests and the results of theses were that I have very high levels of liver ???? The dr told me to come off all the medication I was on, evening primrose, macafen, codliver oil and a good all rounder multi vitamin. He Also wanted me to stop my antidepressant, which I felt I was unable to do at this time, he said that would be ok, he also said that according to my blood results I might be about to start menopause, which was a complete shocker to me because I though, hoped and prayed that I was about finishing it, when I said this to the dr he just said well get ready to start again.

    I have read up on the ketogenic diet and it says that it can restart some of your body systems, I really want to carry on with the diet as it’s the only one that seems to be working well for me, but theses hormone issues are making my live very difficult, I would be very grateful for any advice that you could give me.

    thank you for your time x

  • Nicki_WilliamsNicki_Williams Posts: 36 Menopause Expert
    edited December 2019

    Hi Nanniejo (sorry you didn't leave your name!), thank you for your message and so sorry to hear you're struggling to get the right advice. At 57 with no periods for 8 years, you are most definitely post menopausal, so I'm not sure what your Dr was talking about! We do comprehensive hormone and nutrient testing which is what I'd recommend based on what you've told me. So we can identify any underlying imbalances which may be at play and make sure you're on the right nutrients. If you’d like to book a call with me, I can find out more about you and discuss your options. Just use this link to my bookings calendar; discoverysession.youcanbook.me. Look forward to speaking with you soon.

  • Ald1workerAld1worker Posts: 1


    I’m 47 and have recently started putting on lots of weight. 17 years ago I had an ovary and tube removed and I think that this could be affecting my hormones in this stage of my life. I’ve also lost libido and desperately want to get that back.

    can anyone help

  • Nicki_WilliamsNicki_Williams Posts: 36 Menopause Expert

    Hi Ald1worker,

    So sorry to hear you're putting on weight and have lost your libido - both very common symptoms of menopause. There are so many things you can do to support your hormones at this stage. Please do consider reading my book as there is a lot of help in there. You can also check out my blogs on both these topics. If you’d like to book a call with me, I can find out more about you and see how best we can help. Just use this link to my bookings calendar; discoverysession.youcanbook.me.


  • ElishevaElisheva Posts: 2

    Hello Nicki

    I have been taking Femmenesence for nearly 2 months and I'm concerned that my alopecia androgentica has worsened and not sure if Maca has androgenic effects on hair growth. Can it cause hair loss, if so I will have to stop taking it?

    Thanks, Elizabeth

  • Nicki_WilliamsNicki_Williams Posts: 36 Menopause Expert

    Hi Elizabeth, I don't know of any clinical trials that have shown this, but it doesn't mean it doesn't increase androgens. Truth is we don't really know as it hasn't been researched enough. So to be on the safe side, I would recommend you stop taking it and see if your symptoms improve. x

  • milliew3milliew3 Posts: 2

    Hi Nikki i have just turned 54 had to previously had 2 coils as had lining burnt away due to endometriosis. Had Mirena coil removed in my 50th year as fsh level showed I was going into the menopause & coil was due to be removed at the tine the particular nurse said I couldn’t have another one? I tried for a year to try every herbal hrt product available but my moods swears was affecting my family marriage to much so went on evorel hrt patch was all good but then there was a shortage so had some tine without them then had bleeding flooding since Oct 19 had scan biopsy hystroscopy etc my lining had regrown thicker. So suggested I go on kilofem as hrt combination patches are not available. Been on the pill since 24/1 & I have been heavily bleeding since tues 28/1? Read it can take up to a year I was being prescribed 10 day course of tablets 3 daily to stop bleeding throughout Oct-Dec do u think I can go on then again. This is taking over my life I am so depressed thought the combination of hormones were going to stop bleeding have pain too? I don’t want to go out I was also put on a low dose anti depressants as was in such a state when went to see the nurse about getting prescription as just feel I have so much to cope with take everything out on my husband have no sex life & he is such a highly sex partner feel like he will leave. The night sweats are totally unbearable it’s been a hell few years & to think this can last for upto 10 years. Soul destroying please help thank you Mandy

  • Nicki_WilliamsNicki_Williams Posts: 36 Menopause Expert

    Hi Mandy, so sorry to hear you're struggling with this. Sounds like you've been round the houses with treatment options. Have you had your hormones properly tested? Sounds to me that you may need natural progesterone (not synthetic). Are you in a position to pay for private tests? If so, we can help you get to the bottom of your hormone imbalances. If not, then do make sure you're given the Body Identical HRT (oestrogen only patch or gel PLUS Uterogestan progesterone). Any oral oestrogen is the synthetic type and that comes with side effects and risks. Do let me know if you want to chat about our testing or 1-1 support. x

  • milliew3milliew3 Posts: 2

    Hi Nikki, no I haven’t had my hormones tested? Just purchased your book 👍. How much does it cost & how do I go about it? Do you think that’s what’s causing the bleeding? Do u think the pill is the wrong treatment? Thanks Mandy

  • Nicki_WilliamsNicki_Williams Posts: 36 Menopause Expert

    Hi Mandy, thank you, hope you enjoy the book!

    You have been prescribed synthetic HRT which can have side effects and longer term risks. The safer alternative is Body Identical oestrogen (patch or gel) plus natural progesterone (Uterogestan). However without proper testing it's hard to know exactly what your body will respond to. We do comprehensive urine tests for hormones, plus a blood test for thyroid and nutrients. It gives us a really deep look at all your hormones so we can work out exactly what your body needs (and doesn't need!). We look at diet, lifestyle and supplements, and if you need HRT will give you the information you need to take to your GP. It costs £995 including 2 hours support. Let me know if you'd like to have a chat to discuss further. xx

  • LynnWhitmarshLynnWhitmarsh Posts: 6

    Hi Nicki, I have been going through the menopause for 6 years now. I have HRT and the Mirena coil, which are both good for me. I feel myself again. I gained weight over the years and decided to follow a healthy lifestyle plan last year and lost 21 lbs in 3 months through diet and exercise. I managed to maintain my weight loss until the ‘lockdown’ I am working at home full time and so is my husband. Over the weeks I feel tired and I don’t want to go out for long walks as I ache and I feel so tired after. I’m also comfort eating and drinking lovely glasses of wine to make me feel better as I miss my family and friends. My night sweats have returned. Can you help please? 🌸

  • Nicki_WilliamsNicki_Williams Posts: 36 Menopause Expert

    Hi Lynne, thanks for your message. I totally empathise with your situation, you're certainly not alone. Many women are sending me similar messages. It's hard to stay motivated during lockdown! First of all, be kind to yourself. This is a very difficult time and not 'business as usual' for any of us. Focus on your self care rituals, if you're low on energy, just go for shorter walks. Do some online restorative yoga. Sleep as much as you need to. And try some relaxing meditations. All of this can really help with stress induced snacking and emotional eating/drinking. Make sure you're fully hydrated too. I've just done a blog on this topic, so do have a read; https://happyhormonesforlife.com/how-to-stop-overeating-your-way-through-lockdown/;

    If you need any personalised help or want to discuss our hormone testing, do let me know and we can have a chat. xx

  • LynnWhitmarshLynnWhitmarsh Posts: 6

    Thank you so much Nicki for your helpful tips - I really appreciate them and it’s nice to know I can make those little changes that will make a difference to me.

    kind regards Lynn

  • JackiJacki Posts: 10


    I’ve been perimenopausal for some years. I’ve been given so many different types of hrt and most work for me for the first few weeks. Then as my cycle carries on I become more depressed, lethargic, anxious, over processing, constantly thinking of my past relationship and comparing my old life, tearful, Hot sweats. ive also tried many supplements and not sure what I really should be taking with what. I suffered Cronic acid reflux last time. Which I kept being treated for for possible heart problems.

    im reluctant to go on antidepressants as I’ve heard many doctors just prescribe these but aren’t the solution. 

    my doctor is lovely but says that we have exhausted hrt and they aren’t working for me??? And referred me to hormone specialist but with the current situation, my appointment got cancelled due to covid. 

    any advise is welcome. 

    ive tried combination patches. Tablets etc. From my own log, I notice that I’m good on estrogen but when I’m on progesterone is when I really dip. But I have to have progesterone as I have a womb. I had an ovary and tune removed a few years ago as they weren’t healthy.

  • Nicki_WilliamsNicki_Williams Posts: 36 Menopause Expert

    Hi Jacki, thank you for your message and sorry to hear you're struggling. Have you ever had your hormones tested? It may be that you have other underlying imbalances that could be contributing to your symptoms. Happy to have a chat with you about the testing we do. We have access to state of the art testing not available on the NHS. It's not cheap but if it's something you can invest in, it can often be the missing piece of the jigsaw.

    If you’d like to book a call with me to discuss, just use this link to my bookings calendar; discoverysession.youcanbook.me

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