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Discomfort when sleeping - either too hot or too cold!

Hot flushes can be debilitating during the day but even more so at night when you’re trying to get some well deserved rest! A bad night's sleep can lead to an even worse next day, some women wear moisture wicking materials like bamboo, avoid heavy blankets and leave the window slightly open at night. What’s worked for you?



  • Julie20Julie20 Posts: 345 mod

    Hi Hessom,

    My bedroom is always really cold which I like although its freezing when I first walk in there its lovely once I'm in bed, its covers on covers off most of the night. though I do find I get really hot if my feet are covered  so they have to stay out, its a constant fight with the quilt until its time to get up then I'm cold :)

  • sheilaesheilae Posts: 27 mod

    Definitely a cooler room is best!! I can end up doing a lot of "foot" hokey pokey through the night but if it's a hot room....I'll definitely get no shut-eye!! I don't particularly leave the window open because of any possible noise (I'm a very light-sleeper!) but believe me, the room is well ventilated before I'm ready to retire!!

  • KazKaz Posts: 475 mod

    I like to sleep in a really cold room, and living in the North of Scotland, I am lucky enough to have a steady flow of cold air on supply whenever I need it. 💨 I'm grateful when I get five or six hours a night - it's a massive improvement on just a few years ago. More than that is rare, but I try not to worry about it so much anymore.

    Temperature is a massive issue in this house. Lately I saved up and bought an alpaca fleece duvet. It was an expensive experiment, and I wasn't entirely sure that it was going to be as effective as I'd been told (the person who recommended it is a friend who is also an alpaca farmer! 😂). The science behind it is that alpacas regulate their temperature through their luxurious lanolin free fleece. It keeps them warm when the temperature is cool, and cool when it's hot. It's been a revelation. I've used it for the last six weeks or so and I think it works incredibly well. Flushes overnight are almost gone, which could, of course, be down to the HRT, but I like to think it's also helped by the new duvet!

    The test will be from tonight. My other half works away, and only gets home every three or four months. He arrived home today, and he likes to be warm! The complete opposite to me! I'm saying nothing to see if he notices a difference! I'm sure he'll be amazed if he wakes up and finds that I haven't moved to the living room overnight to cool down! My friend assures me that I'll be amazed at the result. I guess this is where the expensive duvet is either going to be a resounding success, or just an expensive replacement for our last duvet!😊

  • sheilaesheilae Posts: 27 mod

    How interesting Kaz....I have been hearing about these alpaca duvets just very recently & wondered how good they were so great to hear your positive views on it!! I'll be keen to hear what your man thought of it though?? Will have to look into it a bit further & am curious as to the cost of same! Like you, I think it's absolutely vital to be in a cool bedroom at night! I'd really love to be able to increase my sleep by a couple of hours (I'm lucky if I get 5/6 like you!!) but just can't seem to get there??!! Frequent trips to the loo through the night are my main problem, which can often really wake me up!!! I stop my daily water intake early evening but it makes no difference...even tried eating a dry weetabix before retiring which was in the past suggested to me but no change!! Hoping I might some help on this one here....👍💕

  • KazKaz Posts: 475 mod

    Oh @sheilae,

    You did make me giggle! I'm so glad you've tried the Weetabix suggestion for me and ruled it out! I think it would probably take all night to attempt to eat dry weetabix, but I guess I can see the logic in it! I think I just have to accept that loo visits are a part of the overnight routine! 😊

    The alpaca duvet experiment last night 😂

    I was cool enough. Hubby was warm enough. But the man flu and the snoring kept me awake instead, so I removed myself from the room around 4am. Not quite the result I was looking for, however, I did get asked this morning if there was something different about the duvet or the cover, so he was aware that something had changed! Hopefully with a dose of flu remedy, and perhaps a hot toddy, we can make it through the night soon!

    All joking aside, I was awake but comfortable lying next to him. Normally, it's as if he brings his own central heating system to the bed, and it's only a matter of minutes before the heat and panic sets in for me, so it was still a massive improvement! He didn't ask how much it cost.... so I didn't have to say I spent almost £200 on this little experiment. Menopause is expensive!!! And in my defense, I saved over a few months to enable me to buy it, but yes, it is an extravagance but if it works as well as it seems to be doing, it's money well spent.

    Fingers crossed for a decent sleep tonight 😊💤 💤

  • LellyMLellyM Posts: 5

    I am so happy to hear I am not alone with this. At night it is a constant battle as hubby likes to be all warm and snuggly )toes wrapped tight). I have to have my legs from the knees down uncovered and then throw all the covers off after maybe 20 mins. The window stays open whether it is mid winter or summer.

    In the summer last year when it was unbearably hot they only way I managed to sleep was to have a shower just before bed, and then go to bed damp and lie outside the covers with what little air there was on my damp skin. The act of the air evaporating the water makes you feel cooler. I also invested in a cooling gel insert for my pillow. Only lasts about 20 mins but it is amazing. And 4head "headache" menthol sheets on my forehead.


  • sheilaesheilae Posts: 27 mod

    Hi there Kaz! Sounds like it’s proving to be a successful investment with this newly acquired alpaca duvet - great news!! No -I sympathise completely....man-flu & deep snoring - not a good combo with the “experiment” but it still looks most promising!! Onwards & upwards eh Kaz....thanks for your update!! 👍😀💕

  • sheilaesheilae Posts: 27 mod

    Hi there LellyM & many thanks for your post! A lot of us menopausal women make for very erratic sleepers whilst our other halves snore deeply throughout beside us & totally oblivious!! You’re certainly not on your own on this one!! That’s a great tip you mentioned re/cooling pillow gel - think some ladies might well try that one out!! Lucky you being allowed the window open through the night LOL 😂....that’s a big help!! 👍😀💕

  • KazKaz Posts: 475 mod

    Hello @LellyM ,

    That's a GREAT tip about going to bed "damp" - I can see how that would work, and I'm definitely going to to try it. Thank you! 😊

    I love my chillow too, especially in the hot months, and there are always cool strips and water sprays lying around for when the need arises. I also use Menomagic - a cream I put on my feet before sticking them out the bottom of the bed! Smells lovely and has a cooling effect.

    @sheilae I am classing the duvet as a roaring success. This is the first time in years that I haven't had to give up and get up when Hubby is home. I always feel so bad for him - he does try not to take it personally, but he must feel peeved when he's been away for months and instead of being welcomed with open arms, I always disappear sometime in the middle of the night to cool off! I even managed to snuggle up for a cuddle last night without overheating - whether it's the duvet, the hrt, the mindfulness app or the supplements I'm not really sure. Whatever it is, it's working and I'm enjoying a decent five or six hours most nights, so I'm very, VERY happy 💤 😀

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