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sleep or lack of it

Julie20Julie20 Posts: 345 mod

Good Afternoon ladies

after another night of hardly any sleep, having really random weird dreams and waking up hourly I just wondered how you all cope with sleep. do you find you have really strange dreams that wake you up, and how much sleep do you generally have each night. have you found any methods of getting back to sleep and how do you cope all day on just a couple of hours of broken sleep. I find I have 4 weeks of amazing sleep (though very light) and then 4 weeks of the worst sleep ever.

I'm currently sitting at my desk at work willing 6pm to arrive so I can go home and I've been here since 7am.

I do have the mindfulness app on my phone which does work but my mind is so busy it forgets what I'm listening to and wanders off somewhere else and then when the app has finished my eyes pop open again.

what do you all do and how do you all cope?. hopefully between us we can find some solutions.



  • sheilaesheilae Posts: 27 mod

    Hi Julie! Isn't it just absolute rubbish when you miss out on a good night's sleep?! It's bad enough with a couple of totally restless consecutive nights but when it's more like in your case a month of it...it's absolutely exhausting & pure hell...I really feel for you especially when you've to put in a long day at the office the following morning!!

    I've been a very light sleeper for a long time now! I certainly never get the recommended 7/8 hours....if I get 6 good hours, I'm thrilled!! Having said that, I do take a nightly Magnesium tablet for leg cramps but think it could be helping with my sleep too....I'm definitely in a deeper sleep since taking them?! Or is it because of the colder weather, I'm more comfortable?? Not sure but either way, I'm not complaining!! My problem is regular loo visits through the night (at least 3!!) which I find really irritating! I do drink a lot of water by day....sometimes I can fall back to sleep again but other times NO....it completely wakes me up!! Try & find time to soak in a warm bath to relax in the evening & maybe a nice herbal calming tea?? 👍😁💕

  • Julie20Julie20 Posts: 345 mod

    Hi Sheilae

    I thought it was all weather related too but when I go away it's always hot and yet I sleep really well. I am more relaxed on holiday so that helps.

    As for the wee breaks. I've worked out that I can't drink tea after 6pm or I will be up like you 3+ times per night so now I stick to water only in the evening and find I only get up once. Though saying that I try to stay in bed even when I do need the loo as the minute I get up the cats think it's feeding time and all start making noise then I have to feed them and it's all over I'm wide awake lol .

    On a brighter note after this week I'm off work for 2 weeks. First week at home then a few days in Lanzarote to recharge and enjoy a few sneaky cocktails :)

  • LellyMLellyM Posts: 5

    The mid-sleep wee-breaks are a pain. I seems to be in the habit of waking up at 5am (alarm is set for 5.50) for a loo-stop. I also have really strange dreams. I used to be able to work out what I had read or watched that insprired them bit recently they have just got plain weird.

    For the daytime tiredness I do find that Berocca helps.


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