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7 Day Sleep Course - Welcome!

Hi everyone!

If you've found us through our free 7 day sleep course, then welcome! This is our little community forum, where hundreds of members share support and tips on living with menopause.

(If you haven't already signed up to the sleep course, you can sign up here - you get a free e-book and 7 days of emails packed with sleep tips!)

Every day of the sleep course, we'll send you a link to a different topic on the forum where people are chatting about improving their sleep through menopause and beyond.

We've had over a thousand signups so far, so there are lots of you out there following along with the course - so this is your thread to say hello! Tell us a little about yourself if you like, and maybe you'll meet some ladies with similar experiences to yours.



  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 52

    I'll start - I'm Emily, and I work for Live Better With. I've helped to put the Sleep Course together, so if you have any questions let me know and I'll do my best to find you some answers! I'm looking forward to getting to know some of you over the course, and I hope you find a couple of helpful tips in there that work for you. 😊 😴

    I've learned a lot through collecting the materials for the course, and have already started using a couple of tips I picked up to help with my sleep problems - I wake up a lot in the night due to aches and pains, so the tips on sleep posture (day 7) were really helpful for me! 😴

  • sheilaesheilae Posts: 27 mod

    Hi all! I'm Sheila & a moderator on the forum here! I'm 56 years of age & a full time Mum/housewife....all males in this house so kept busy..LOL 😂!! I'm really looking forward to hearing sleeping tips/advice for the next week....it's an area in my life which requires improvement!! I am a light sleeper & tend to pay a few visits to the loo nightly (I drink lots of water daily!) which can often wake me up & so have difficulty in getting back to sleep Land! When I do sleep, it's on my tummy (!) but struggle to always get the 7/8 hours recommended sleep?! I take a nightly magnesium tablet which helps me with leg cramps but may also aid my sleep? Anyway...lots to learn hopefully in the coming week - .thank you emilyrose for helping to create this VERY important course.....👍😁💕

  • SmcSmc Posts: 4

    Hello, I am 63 years old , & have been struggling with sleep for many years now, have tried so many things , on average think I get about 6 hours sleep a night , & it’s definitely getting worse , usually wake up 3/4 times during the night , mainly for loo visits, also since coming out of the menopause I get so hot in bed , which obviously doesn’t help , can’t have my bedroom window open as the traffic really annoys me, so invested in a Dyson fan , which I even have to use in the winter, so looking forward to any advice I can be given thank you.

  • KazKaz Posts: 475 mod

    Hello everyone,

    I'm Karen, and I'm 49 for just another couple of days. 😂

    I've really enjoyed getting all the sleep related emails this week, and having coped with awful insomnia for a very long time, I've been surprised by just how many new tips and tricks I've picked up, not only from the emails and blogs, but from some very helpful ladies on the forum too. A massive thank you to everyone who has and is still taking part.

    I get five or six hours a night, which I can cope with. In the last few years it was more like two or three, and that had a massive effect on all aspects of my life. I have a fairly strict bedtime routine now, and I find if I deviate from it, it impacts on my night, so it's simply not worth it. A glass of wine last night, the first for around four months, made me restless and unsettled. As much as I enjoyed having a civilised glass of wine with my husband, it's simply not worth the after effects! 🍷 ☹️

    I like the idea of sleep masks and ear plugs, but since I'm on my own in the house with the kids and dogs most of the time, I feel that I can't afford to risk not being able to hear a smoke alarm or a burglary (I realise that probably sounds ridiculous!), but it's amazing the things that run through your mind when you put your head on the pillow to sleep!

    I'm interested to know how you find your Dyson fan @Smc ? I've looked at them a couple of times, but they're quite a big investment aren't they, and I've already spent my pocket money this year on our alpaca duvet 😂 😂 😂 (well worth the money - we're delighted with the results in this house!)

    Looking forward to the last couple of days worth of sleep related emails! 😴❤️🛌

  • Maree68Maree68 Posts: 2

    Hi all im maree and 50 years young. Ive been having trouble sleeping for ages now. Average 3hrs a night. Can drop of normally but wake up from anything between 2am and 3.30am and im wide awake. Had blood test done and told no im not peri menopausal but i think i am. Any help advice welcome. Im driving the old man insain 😂😂

  • KazKaz Posts: 475 mod

    Hello @Maree68 ,

    Going without sleep is horrible isn't it? Really grinds you down, and you're right, it doesn't just affect you!

    I had loads of blood tests done over the years, and a lot of the time they implied that I wasn't perimenopausal, but the symptoms indicated otherwise! I think most of the problem is that hormone levels fluctuate so much, I don't know if blood tests should be the only measure to confirm a diagnosis.

    Do you take any supplements? HRT? What have you tried to help with sleep? What symptoms are you dealing with? It's hard to offer suggestions if we don't know what you've tried. There are lots of things you could try to help!

    I'm now on HRT, but that's a recent thing. I have a pretty rigid bedtime routine now, and I find I have to stick to it or I have problems. It's taken me years to get something that works for me, so it will probably take you a while to find your solution.

    I take a nightly magnesium tablet - helps with the aches and pains, and also helps me sleep. I also use a mindfulness app to help me fall asleep. If I wake in the night, I pop that back on again, and I've found it makes a real difference.

    Have you been receiving the sleep emails this week? They're full of helpful tips and ideas to help you get a decent night's sleep. 😴🛌😊

  • Maree68Maree68 Posts: 2

    Hi im now trying nytol to sleep.... lets see how it goes. Suffer with anxiety im a bad way. Have hot flushes no patients with people. Weight gain.... big issue for me as ive lost over 8 stone and scared of putting weight on. Memory not as good as it was.

    I got to bed about 10pm and settle down by 11pm go to sleep no problem just dont stop asleep. Tried baths with lavender oil and lavender on my pillow.

    Thought my lack of sleep could be down to the fact im border line underactive thyroid but dont think it is now x

  • KazKaz Posts: 475 mod

    I take 5htp to help with low mood and anxiety. It works well for me - and also helps with my sleep ( but if you're on antidepressants you can't mix the two).

    WOW! Losing eight stones is amazing. Well done you! I've lost a stone in the last couple of months, and it's hard work! 😀

    I get the brain fog too, and I know what you mean about a lack of patience with people sometimes! Sometimes I think I'm just turning into a grumpy old woman!

    Good luck with the Nytol! One of my friends says it's the only thing that works for her! 😴

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