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I have always been careful with money but since my menopause started I have become addicted to buying anything and everything on the internet and most of it I don't need and it's mainly rubbish that I will never use. Is anyone else going through this?


  • KazKaz Posts: 475 mod

    Hello Jocky1999,

    Welcome to the forum.

    I buy a lot of things on the internet, but I'm not sure that I would say it has anything to do with the menopause! I wonder if you're using this as some sort of coping mechanism? Some women use food, alcohol and other things as ways of dealing with what's happening to them, whether consciously or subconsciously. I'm guessing that this could be your way of dealing with what's happening to you?

    Are you dealing with menopause symptoms? Having any treatment?

    If this is a health problem for you, then my advice would always be to go and seek help from your GP. If it's causing a financial problem, there are also places you can go to for advice. ☺️

  • Jocky1999Jocky1999 Posts: 4

    Dear Kaz,

    I am taking HRT that I started 9 months ago, it has helped enormously with the hot flushes, and mood swings. I'm still having far too many headaches and since my periods have come back I have had to restart taking tranexamic acid. The money spending I don't know what that is, it's like an impulse, I buy things then regret it in the morning. I spend to the extent that I'm going overdrawn, I have that level of awareness.

  • KazKaz Posts: 475 mod


    Thanks for replying. I'm glad you feel you can share this with us.

    First of all, it's great that you're aware that you're doing this. Self awareness is great for giving you a push in the right direction.

    When my symptoms were at their worst, I went from having a couple of glasses of wine at the weekend to having one too many glasses of wine far too many times through the week as well. Not to the extent that I was in danger of becoming addicted, but far more than was healthy for me. It was my way of coping with the symptoms and how miserable I was feeling. I wonder if this might be your way of dealing with things, and I think it's really important for you to speak to your GP and let them know how it's affecting you.

    I'm glad you're getting some help with HRT, but if you're taking transexamic acid, does that mean that you're also dealing with heavy bleeding? That's exhausting in itself, and it's no wonder that you're looking for some relief somewhere.

    Please would you make an appointment with your GP and have a full and honest conversation with them about what's happening to you?

    Thinking about you ☺️

  • Jocky1999Jocky1999 Posts: 4

    Hi Kaz,

    The doctor is not very sympathetic, had to fight to be put on HRT while sobbing my heart out, and she turned around and said you sound depressed. I'm not depressed, emotions all over the place, but not depressed.

    Thank you for replying

  • KazKaz Posts: 475 mod


    I know all about that. It took me years to finally get someone to give me HRT. And I'm sorry that's your experience with your GP, because it makes things harder for you to deal with. A lot of GPs make the mistake of diagnosing depression, without an understanding that sometimes it's your hormones that are out of whack and causing similar symptoms. Are you able to swap to another doctor in the same practice, or perhaps move to another practice altogether? It might seem like too much effort, but you really need someone who will help you, and you deserve to have someone who will listen to you. Please don't be afraid to say that you don't feel you've been listened to. Do whatever it takes to get the help you need. How about taking a partner, or a friend who will help you speak up? ☺️

  • sheilaesheilae Posts: 27 mod

    Hi Jocky1999 & welcome to this forum!

    Really feel for you not having a very sympathetic GP....it's so important & especially when going through the menopause cycle!! I know often when you go in for your appointment & obviously conscious of just the normal 10 minute consultation, your head can get all mixed up with wanting to say things but anxiety can often get in the way & we become flustered....I speak from experience!! Perhaps, write your notes down next time so you don't forget things on your mind or better still, maybe take a partner or close pal along for some moral support?! If you do not get the sympathetic ear & advice, try if you can to see another GP or even one of the nurses....they know so much & will be very helpful I'm sure.......

    Compulsive buying can as you know become a big problem but great that you're aware of it....that's half the battle!! Maybe again take a pal or relative when you can & perhaps you'll be less inclined to splash the cash....only a thought!! Best of luck & thinking of you....👍😁💕

  • Jocky1999Jocky1999 Posts: 4

    Thank you ladies, I only spend online as I don't really like shopping never have. I will try and see another doctor, I've never seen the same doctor twice so never built up a relationship with any and I'm never I'll so visit rarely.

    Thank you for your help


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