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Bacterial Vaginosis

Poppypop37Poppypop37 Posts: 6

Since starting the menopause 5 years ago I have constantly suffered with Bacterial Vaginosis. As if alow sex drive isnt bad enough when I do actually bring myself to be remotely interested i get this always after intercourse. Have taken antibiotics over the years which normally does clear it up, but, really want to try an alternative if anyone can offer advice. I've tried tampons dipped in yoghurt, garlic tablets inserted, coconut oil & tea tree, a bit messy but didnt really help. Husband has also been treated but still continues to haunt me.



  • KazKaz Posts: 475 mod

    Hi Poppypop37,

    How frustrating for you!

    I read somewhere recently that daily probiotics can go a long way to keeping this in check? Have you tried anything like that?

    K 😊

  • sheilaesheilae Posts: 27 mod

    Poor you Poppypop37!! I really have sympathy for you on this one. Aside from yogurt & probiotics which I expect you've tried & tested, apparently Boric acid capsules have been found to be "as effective as some medical approaches" to treatment for Bacterial vaginosis? Have a look online under "Home remedies for Bacterial Vaginosis" & it may be worth trying? Good luck & hope the condition improves for you......💕

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