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Early menopause on top of everything else!

AliCAliC Posts: 1

HI, I'm new to the group. 46 years old but have had menopausal symptoms since I was 35. When I was finally allowed HRT is caused me so many problems so I had to come off it.  I had nursed my father with cancer for the last 18 months and he sadly died in November.  I am now at my lowest ebb due to a mixture of grief and menopause and can't see a way through. How much longer will I have the symptoms bearing in mind it's already been 11 years?


  • KazKaz Posts: 475 mod

    Hello Ali,

    Welcome to the forum. I am so sad to read about everything you are dealing with.

    It's no wonder that you are feeling so low - nursing your dad must have been so hard for you and I'm sorry for your loss. Menopause symptoms on top of that just seems cruel.

    I really understand what you are saying and how frustrated you must feel. I've certainly had many low times too. I went into early menopause at age 35 , a year after hysterectomy. I'm going to be fifty soon, and after all this time (just in the last couple of months in fact) I finally have the symptoms under control with the help of hrt.

    I wish I could give you an answer to your question, but I think since you've already been dealing with this for such a long time, you'll know that there's no way of knowing when you'll finally be through. I do hope it will be soon for you...

    I don't know what I can advise you that will help. I know HRT wasn't great for you but I wonder if you were taking tablets? Perhaps another delivery method in the form of patches or gel would work better? I've only recently been able to have HRT because I could finally take it in patch form. Tablets weren't an option for me.

    I imagine that you've tried all sorts of supplements? Do you take any medication? Anti depressants? Are you having counselling in any form? Do you have a support system at home? I don't mean to pry, and of course, you don't need to answer anything at all! I hesitate to suggest some of the many things I've used to cope, simply because I imagine that there's a good chance you've tried a lot of them over the last eleven years, and I don't want to offer the same advice you've heard before on a subject you're so familiar with already.

    I do want to tell you to hang on in there. I'm really keen to help you if I can. If you feel like you want to share more of the things you've tried, between us we may be able to offer you some options that you haven't thought of or tried.

    There are also lots of discussions on the forum, and guides on the website that might offer you some options you haven't thought of also.

    Please do get back in touch.

    Kaz ☺️

  • sheilaesheilae Posts: 27 mod

    Hello AliC & welcome to the forum!

    I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your dear Dad (RIP) & to hear (quite understandably) how low you are feeling. Wish I could just wave a magic wand @ you & you'd feel brighter & horrid menopausal symptoms were gone for good but alas...!! We are all different....some women finish menopause within a few years & others it can linger on for many many more years...

    Like you, I briefly was put on HRT some years ago but because of it not agreeing with me, I had to stop! I completely altered my diet, increased my daily water intake, joined a gym & went down the herbal/alternative route which for the most part, sorted me & my menopausal symptoms out!! Menopace & Black Cohosh were helpful for me but as I say....it's trial & error, we're all unique but there are lots of things in your local health store or online which can help.....

    I'm hoping you have some support @ home or with close pals whom you can confide in as to how you're feeling? Getting some sort of counselling would also be very beneficial to you....have a word with your GP on this! You're not alone & as horrid as it is right now for you, it will get better in time with a little effort! Thinking of you & sending you a big hug 🤗 💕

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