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Anxiety and negative thoughts

ShazlucyShazlucy Posts: 1
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Hi I haven't really spoken to anyone about this so thanks for forum. I have busy stressful job and a boss that I am on the verge of putting in a complaint about. They provide me no support and ignore business area which has resulted chaos and missing targets which has added to my anxiety in that I constantly worry about work. I worry that much that I am not able to achieve much and there are days in work and at home that my head is going round and round and hurts. I can't concentrate as I am so anxious. Then I worry in work and at home if I am going to have a breakdown and everyone will see. I also now worry with so much suicide about what if I break down and snap and kill myself. To be clear I am not suicidal. My anxiety makes me think what if I snap etc.

Anyway I always had anxiety but I find with menopause it's worse. I have difficulty sleeping with negative thoughts and waking up. Any tips welcome.


  • KazKaz Posts: 475 mod
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    Hi Shazlucy,

    Welcome to the forum, and for sharing your experience.

    I'm sorry that you're having such a difficult time.

    There are two things I'm concerned about for you - the high levels of stress and lack of support at work, and your incredibly high anxiety levels at home and at work as a result.

    It's completely normal to feel anxious and low when you're going through the menopause. Lots of women feel the same way. Another lady on the forum has also been speaking recently about her anxiety levels. That feeling seems to be somewhat magnified for you because of the job you are doing, and it seems like you're caught in a vicious circle with menopause anxiety making the stressful situation at work feel even worse, and the work stress increasing the menopause symptoms. Lack of sleep just makes everything worse - and negative thoughts and anxiety start to creep in.

    PLEASE go and get some help. Make an appointment to speak to your GP. There are lots of things they can do to help, but try to go prepared in you can.

    It's brilliant that you are able to recognise how you feel, and that you realise there could be a breaking point. I think it's really important to make your concerns very clear to your GP, and get some help before you get to that breaking point.

    I think there are also discussions that need to happen in the workplace too, but I'm very aware that if you're not feeling like yourself (and the menopause definitely makes you feel like that!), it's hard to speak to HR or an appropriate person to ask for help or raise your concerns. As women, we don't always get the support we need in the workplace.

    Perhaps if you can get some help from your doctor, your symptoms will ease and allow you to deal with your job in the way that you always have. The menopause has a way of altering the way you think about yourself, and a job you have had no problem doing in the past, can suddenly present you with all sorts of difficulties. You are under a huge amount of pressure, and I'd really like you to go and get some help before you become ill.

    Thinking about you ☺️

  • sheilaesheilae Posts: 27 mod

    Hello Shazlucy & welcome to this forum! So very sorry to hear of your great anxiety & stress that you are currently experiencing but rest assured you are NOT going mad!! You have way too much work pressure right now...as a result you cannot think straight...let alone have a good night's sleep!! We can ALL be like that ....we're like pressure-cookers...we can take so much but eventually we feel like we're about to explode with all that's going on & of course Menopause can make it all so much worse!! You now realise this yourself but you MUST now go as soon as you can to your GP explaining EXACTLY (just like you did here!) how you are feeling...write your notes before going (so you don't miss anything out!) & seek his/her advice!!

    You've been incredibly honest here & I'm sure other ladies can relate to how you're feeling but without professional medical help, you'll just continue to suffer & symptoms might only become worse! Make that appointment TODAY if you can...you'll feel relief for just even doing that & I promise you....once you go to your GP & get the help needed, things will start to really shift for the better! Life is full of peaks & troughs but with the right treatment, you'll be back to your old self again! With that help, you'll feel so much stronger at work & more in control of ongoing issues too....the very best of luck! Please keep us posted....👍❤️

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